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TWS News Roundup 4/7/24

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  1. After U.S. Pressure, IDF Leaves Southern Gaza; Hamas Declares Victory (

  2. Security guard dead, 7 injured in Florida bar shooting | The Post Millennial |

  3. Jewish synagogue in Germany targeted in firebombing incident | Human Events |

  4. U.S. Court of Appeals Decision will Allow Justice Department to Investigate Conduct of National Association of Realtors - The Lakewood Scoop

  5. Devin Nunes defends Truth Social as 'impenetrable beachhead' against Big Tech | Just The News

  6. Kirby says US looking to hold in-person meeting with Israel in ‘next week or so’ | The Hill

  7. Ukraine detonates drone against reactor dome at Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (

  8. Ukraine strikes at Russian oil as battlefield desperation mounts  | The Hill

  9. Elon Musk defies Brazil court ruling to block popular X accounts, plans to expose government censorship | Human Events |

  10. Netanyahu spokesperson on Iran threat: ‘We don’t seek wars’ but will ‘do whatever it takes to defend ourselves’ | The Hill

  11. Portland's progressive DA blasted for not showing up to the office (

  12. Intel Chair Turner: ‘Absolutely true’ that Russian propaganda has infected US Congress | The Hill

  13. Biden-appointed Judge Rips DOJ for Ignoring House Subpoenas While Navarro in Prison (

  14. China says it patrolled the South China Sea in an apparent response to U.S. naval drills with allies (

  15. CDC issues bird flu infection health alert | The Hill

  16. China using AI-generated fake social media accounts to poll Americans on divisive issues including the border, race and drugs in bid to disrupt U.S. election, Microsoft warns | Daily Mail Online

  17. France Looks to Renew African Ties with 'Balanced Partnerships' (

  18. Coach sues Gap for allegedly selling 'Coach' T-shirts - Good Morning America

  19. IDF fires officers over deadly airstrike on celeb chef Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen in Gaza | Human Events |

  20. Who won the $1.326 billion Powerball jackpot? (

  21. Florida Martini Bar shooting: 2 killed, 7 wounded (

  22. International leaders condemn Ecuador after police break into the Mexican Embassy in Quito | The Hill

  23. Columbia suspends students for 'Resistance 101' where guest speaker had alleged ties to terror group: reports (

  24. House, Senate commerce chairs release bipartisan privacy bill | The Hill

  25. Russia Finally Says 'Nyet' To Continued North Korea Sanctions Enforcement | ZeroHedge

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