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TWS News Roundup 5/10/23

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  1. FBI refuses to give Congress informant file alleging Biden took bribes (

  2. Liberals propose a climate social credit scheme for Canadian banks - Rebel News

  3. 530K illegal migrants sneaked into US since October: CBP (

  4. Rockland County to Adams: 'We will not stop fighting you' (

  5. Google's AI is coming to more companies near you | Reuters

  6. Bed Bath & Beyond competitors pounce on its liquidation (

  7. Vermont governor signs bills protecting access to abortion, gender-affirming care | The Hill

  8. Docs warn about AI's "existential threat to humanity" (

  9. Chicago pub urged to police itself by shelling out $84,000 to install Riot Glass after break-in: 'Ridiculous' | Fox News

  10. Railway reform bill clears Senate Commerce Committee in bipartisan vote | The Hill

  11. Democrats terrified Trump could beat Biden in 2024 rematch: 'Be very f---ing worried' | Fox News

  12. Trump drops 'Mourning In America' campaign ad | Just The News

  13. Biden's White House spox implicated in effort to discredit Hunter Biden laptop: email | Fox News

  14. Pakistan calls in army to stop protest violence after ex-PM Khan's arrest | Reuters

  15. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman will attend bipartisan House dinner (

  16. Blackstone's Stephen Schwarzman balks at Ron DeSantis (

  17. Feinstein says doctors have advised "lighter schedule" (

  18. Biden lied about family and China money: GOP House committee (

  19. Georgia Bulldogs Decline White House Invite After Winning National Championship (

  20. Tucker Carlson tweet announcing new Twitter show tops 100 million views | The Hill

  21. Santos pleads not guilty to federal fraud charges, released on bond | Just The News

  22. Vatican: Peace Mission Underway to End War in Ukraine |

  23. Biden reinstates Trump-era policy of turning away migrants who have not applied for asylum in Mexico | The Post Millennial |

  24. Elon Musk makes a surprising offer to ex-CNN host Don Lemon (

  25. 'Evil': Family of BLM protester killed by soldier speak out at sentencing - ABC News (

  26. White House to host India’s Modi for official state visit | The Hill

  27. Sen. Eric Schmitt unveils bill to end government internet censorship (

  28. Musk: Twitter Calls, Encrypted Messaging Coming Soon |

  29. Schumer seeks to drive wedge in GOP: McCarthy was ‘lone holdout’ on default | The Hill

  30. San Francisco bill limiting gun use by security guards stuns Twitter: 'It's bad enough already' | Fox News

  31. Biden to prohibit use of salary history for federal employee hires | The Hill

  32. Progressive Staffer Carrying Gun Illegally Shot And Killed By Fellow Campaigner In Philadelphia | ZeroHedge

  33. Georgia Governor Takes Action To Reign In Rogue Political Prosecutors, Commission Given Vast Power To Investigate And Remove | DC Enquirer

  34. DeSantis calls for federal reform allowing states to deport illegal aliens (

  35. Read: The 13-count indictment against George Santos (

  36. California Gov. Newsom declines to back reparations checks, says slavery's legacy is 'more than cash payments' | Fox News

  37. Drug trials company Syneos to be acquired for $7.1 billion (

  38. French reporter killed by rocket fire in Ukraine | The Hill

  39. McCarthy Blocks Rashida Tlaib's Anti-Semitic Congressional Event (

  40. New York Gov Hochul issues emergency order before Title 42 expires, as NYC begins busing migrants to suburbs | Fox News

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