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TWS News Roundup 5/11/23

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  1. Elon Musk says he's hired a new CEO for Twitter and will reduce his own role (

  2. House votes YES on Secure Border Act in 219-213 vote, includes e-Verify requirement, with 2 Republicans joining Democrats to vote against border security | The Post Millennial |

  3. Trump signals intent to appeal verdict in E. Jean Carroll case - ABC News (

  4. Santos votes for bill cracking down on COVID-19 unemployment fraud as he faces charges | The Hill

  5. Harlan Crow rebuffs Senate Democrats request for Clarence Thomas gift details – One America News Network (

  6. White House postpones Friday debt ceiling meeting amid staff talks | The Hill

  7. Former NDP candidate and activists storm Danielle Smith’s press conference on cost saving measures for seniors - Rebel News

  8. Senate passes two resolutions overturning Biden endangered species protections | The Hill

  9. Electric vehicle maker Polestar cuts production guidance, jobs | Reuters

  10. Report: 74% of 'Banned' Books Still in School Libraries (

  11. US News unveils revamped law school rankings after boycott | The Hill

  12. TikTok employees say app tracked users who watched gay content: report | Fox News

  13. First drug-resistant ringworm cases discovered in US (

  14. Criminal cartels will keep order at the border to maximize their profits: Yuma Border Patrol Chief | The Post Millennial |

  15. Supreme Court rejects challenge to CA pork law that mandates more space for pigs – One America News Network (

  16. Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries Sounds Alarm On Trump's Potential Return To White House - The Pavlovic Today

  17. Italy Looking to Leave China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Global Domination Scheme (

  18. Bud Light sales continue to fall weeks after Mulvaney ad debacle - CBS News

  19. Biden: Real Purpose of Ireland Trip was to Push Around the UK (

  20. Another Alleged Chinese Spy Arrested - This Time in Boston – RedState

  21. Poll: 82% of Americans Have Concerns About Biden's Health, Mental Acuity (

  22. Steve Bannon SWATTED while on air with War Room, says 'honey badger don't give a sh*t' | The Post Millennial |

  23. WHO declares end of global health emergency for mpox (

  24. Pressed by Judicial Watch, Pennsylvania Cleans Up Its Voter Rolls (

  25. Democrat Official Who Supports Gas Stove Crackdown Has A Gas Stove In His Own Home | The Daily Wire

  26. State Department advisory board member praised former fugitive Communist once on FBI's Most Wanted List | Fox News

  27. Pentagon chiefs: Debt default is bad for troops, good for China - POLITICO

  28. Party Man: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis helps haul in $4.3 million this year for Republicans from coast to coast | Fox News

  29. ‘We Do Have A Deficit Problem’: Former Obama Administration Official Dumps Cold Water On MSNBC | The Daily Caller

  30. Seattle-area blood banks can't keep up with demand amid increased shootings | The Post Millennial |

  31. US lawmakers introduce bill to combat normalization with Syria's Assad | Reuters

  32. Florida AG sues Biden admin to stop planned mass release of migrants as Title 42 ends | Fox News

  33. Democrats admit they want illegal immigrants in order to fill low-paid labor jobs in the US | The Post Millennial |

  34. Norfolk Southern planning to compensate East Palestine homeowners | The Hill

  35. FDIC proposes big banks pay to recover losses in SVB and Signature failures (

  36. GOP Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy To Announce Constitutional Amendment To Raise Voting Age to 25 (

  37. Pakistan Top Court Orders Immediate Release Of Imran Khan, Declares Arrest Illegal | ZeroHedge

  38. US Ambassador says South Africa supplied arms to Russia | Human Events |

  39. Peloton recalls 2.2 million exercise bikes due to safety hazard (

  40. Space startup partners with SpaceX to launch commercial space station | Reuters

  41. Erdogan’s rival boosted by withdrawal ahead of Turkey presidential vote (

  42. Diplomatic Push: China Vice President Visits Netherlands (

  43. Pupil hospitalised with 'cardiac episode' after drinking Prime Energy DAYS after it hit UK shelves | Daily Mail Online

  44. Soros-Backed Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Releases Woman Who Opened Fire into the Cinco de Mayo Crowd in St. Louis | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

  45. Disney CEO Bob Iger blasts Florida Gov. DeSantis for 'retaliating' against company | Fox Business

  46. Parents sue Colorado school district over secrecy in extracurricular gender group | Just The News

  47. Rashida Tlaib hosts anti-Israel event after McCarthy nix attempt (

  48. Ex-CIA Official Says Mike Morell Told Him 'Biden World' Wanted Spy Letter (

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