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TWS News Roundup 5/14/24

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  1. Hunter Biden's latest attempt to scrap gun trial is rejected by judge | Daily Mail Online

  2. DOJ requests judge order Steve Bannon to begin prison sentence - ABC News (

  3. House Speaker Mike Johnson joins ex-Trump rivals at former president's 'hush money' trial (

  4. Blinken arrives in Ukraine in show of US support | The Hill

  5. Sullivan plans talks in Saudi Arabia, Israel amid tensions over Rafah (

  6. Pro-life activist Lauren Handy sentenced to 4 years and 9 months in prison for protesting in front of abortion clinic | The Post Millennial |

  7. US regulator opens Waymo investigation  | The Hill

  8. Justice Department: Poll workers face AI-fueled threats ahead of election (

  9. Eight killed, dozens injured after bus believed to be carrying migrant workers crashes in Fla. (

  10. Attacks on law enforcement increased, but fewer were killed in 2023, according to new federal data - CBS News

  11. Army whistleblower who exposed alleged Australian war crimes in Afghanistan is sentenced to prison (

  12. Commerce Department implements tougher router security protocols (

  13. Deadly tornadoes hit Louisiana, the South; thousands without power (

  14. Biden To Maintain Trump-Era Policy, Increase Tariffs On Numerous Chinese Imports | The Daily Wire

  15. Mexican Government Provides Buses, Trucks to Aid Migrant Caravan's Trek to U.S. Border (

  16. Russia's Vladimir Putin to meet with Xi Jinping during visit to China this week (

  17. Walmart slashes hundreds more jobs and announces major change for employees in latest cost cutting drive | Daily Mail Online

  18. Rumble Sues Google for over $1 Billion for Ad Monopoly Abuse (

  19. NY contractor convicted after 2019 wall collapse killed child (

  20. White House says Trump trial is ‘related to 2024 elections’ | The Post Millennial |

  21. Boeing's death spiral worsens as it received just seven orders for planes in April - with 33 orders canceled - as rival Airbus delivers almost twice as many planes so-far this year | Daily Mail Online

  22. Mayor Eric Adams suggests migrants could fill NYC's lifeguard shortage -- because 'they're excellent swimmers' (

  23. FBI Warns Terrorists May Target June Pride Events |

  24. Election board gives ‘training’ for illegal immigrants to vote in DC elections | The Post Millennial |

  25. Rebel News and Rumble defy government censorship efforts with successful free speech conference - Rebel News

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