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TWS News Roundup 5/16/24

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  1. Biden asserts executive privilege over audio of interview with special counsel Hur - ABC News (

  2. ‘Lone wolf’ charged in Slovak prime minister assassination attempt (

  3. Hunter Biden Loses Bid To Halt Tax Evasion Court Proceedings As 9th Circuit Dismisses Appeal | ZeroHedge

  4. Supreme Court upholds funding structure for CFPB - CBS News

  5. Jobless claims fall by 10K after hitting nine-month high last week (

  6. Border Gotaways Explode Under Biden Compared To Trump, New Data Shows | The Daily Wire

  7. Gaza pier ready to receive aid shipments, U.S. military says (

  8. Moscow's new WW3 threat to the West: Putin ally warns of global war and 'tragedy that can affect all of humanity' if Kyiv is allowed to use US-supplied weapons on Russian territory | Daily Mail Online

  9. Journalist sues San Diego for revoking press pass based on complaint by pro-Antifa USA Today reporter | The Post Millennial |

  10. Lawmakers urge financial regulators to take action on banking discrimination | The Hill

  11. Pfizer Offers To Pay $200-250 Million To Settle Lawsuits Over Popular Heartburn Medication: Report | The Daily Wire

  12. U.S. soldier admits guilt in theft case, Russia says (

  13. Biden administration ends solar tariff exemption | The Hill

  14. Putin, Xi agree to deepen partnership as Russia advances in Ukraine (

  15. Journalist allegedly assaulted, pulled into Gaza camp at University of Washington | The Post Millennial |

  16. North Carolina could ban face masks for medical reasons in public | The Hill

  17. Georgia Passes Foreign Agent Law Despite Massive Protests, Parliament Brawls (

  18. GOP bill pushes for cops to help ICE track down migrants who abscond (

  19. Manchin, GOP senators move to overturn retirement investment planning rule | The Hill

  20. Instagram parent Meta hit with online child safety probe in Europe (

  21. Trump says he has 'no problem' welcoming RFK Jr. to debates if he qualifies (

  22. Tennessee gov approves law authorizing death penalty for child rapists | The Post Millennial |

  23. Kevin Morris Allegedly Retires as Hunter Biden's Sugar Brother (

  24. NIH director admits taxpayers funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan — four years after COVID pandemic began (

  25. One person not frequently seen at Trump's trial: Alvin Bragg, the D.A. who brought the case - CBS News

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