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TWS News Roundup 5/18/23

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  1. Nevada’s GOP governor vetoes three gun restriction bills | The Hill

  2. Disney scraps plan for new Florida campus amid DeSantis feud (

  3. Murder charge reduced to manslaughter for North Dakota man who struck, ran over, and killed conservative teen | The Post Millennial |

  4. New Mexico governor warns of debt ceiling peril for states - POLITICO

  5. Ukraine Tells China Envoy It Will Not Cede Territory Or Accept 'Freeze' | ZeroHedge

  6. Majority of voters in Oregon regret decriminalizing drugs: survey (

  7. Jamaal Bowman rips Marjorie Taylor Greene for 'reckless,' 'dangerous' remarks about Capitol encounter (

  8. Unprecedented: Montana Gov Bans TikTok - First Amendment Battle Looms | ZeroHedge

  9. Sam Brinton arrested for third alleged theft of luggage at Reagan Airport | Daily Mail Online

  10. Riley Gaines Urges Congress to Pass Bill Defining ‘Woman’ (

  11. Leaked Pentagon Report Forensically Dismantles Fauci-Led Natural Origin Study | ZeroHedge

  12. Hyundai, Kia agree to $200M settlement over car thefts: lawyers (

  13. YouTube is rolling out 30-second adverts that you CAN'T skip on its most popular videos | Daily Mail Online

  14. Biden Makes Time To Rally For Ukraine After Canceling China-Focused Trip | The Daily Caller

  15. Michelle Obama's "healthy" juice doesn't meet school nutrition standards – HotAir

  16. Major US power source facing extinction thanks to red tape, sparking calls for reform | Fox News

  17. Israel to File Complaint Against CNN Claim Dee Family Members 'Killed in a Shootout' (

  18. Republican calls for Adam Schiff to be REMOVED from Congress over damning Durham report | Daily Mail Online

  19. FBI Employees Had Security Clearances Revoked After Speaking Out Against 'Politicized Rot': House Report (

  20. Mississippi Gov Tate Reeves sends National Guard to US-Mexico border: ‘Every state has become a border state’ | Fox News

  21. DOJ: Apple Engineer Stole Self-Driving Vehicle Tech for Chinese Company (

  22. Supreme Court avoids ruling on scope of internet company immunity from lawsuits over content posted by users (

  23. Eric Adams slams NYC Council for lack of help on migrant crisis (

  24. Democrats demand more FBI funding as Durham report details agency's failures | Fox News

  25. Pence ‘not terribly surprised’ to see Disney cancel Florida contract amid feud with DeSantis | The Hill

  26. Assad Arrives To Red Carpet Treatment In Saudi Arabia, Historic 1st Since War Began | ZeroHedge

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