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TWS News Roundup 5/19/24

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  1. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s fate unknown after reported helicopter crash; rescuers struggle to reach site | NY Post

  2. Illegal immigrant charged in recent fatal Alabama crash was out free after 2021 DUI due to Biden DHS policy: report | The Post Millennial

  3. Jewish doctors launch group to combat antisemitism in medicine: ‘It’s Nazi Germany all over again’ | NY Post

  4. Trump demands Biden take drug test before debates | The Post Millennial

  5. Airbnb carbon monoxide detector mandate would be ‘very hard,’ CEO says| NBC News

  6. Bibi blocks Israeli intel chiefs' meetings with U.S. officials | Axios

  7. Sullivan, Saudi crown prince discuss security agreement | The Hill

  8. NYPD under fire over violent clash with anti-Israel demonstrators at Nakba Day event: ‘Made it worse’ | NY Post

  9. Ron Johnson presses for Secret Service to push protest zone farther from GOP convention | The Hill

  10. Tunisians Protest Against Illegal Sub-Saharan Migrants | Breitbart

  11. Ohio moves to purge non-citizens from voter rolls | The Post Millennial

  12. Trump Defense Gets Cohen to Backtrack on Alleged Key Call with Trump Green-lighting Hush Money Deal | Breitbart

  13. WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange faces U.S. extradition judgment day | NBC News

  14. Slovak PM's condition remains serious but prognosis positive after assassination bid | ABC

  15. Disneyland Costumed Performers Vote to Join Labor Union | Breitbart

  16. Ohio judge could rule near-ban on all abortions as early as Monday | NY Post

  17. Milei Urges Europe to Reject ‘Cancerous’ Socialism at Madrid Populist Conference Ahead of EU Parliament Elections | Breitbart

  18. Border Patrol agents reveal how easily terrorists and killers get into US despite being screened | NY Post

  19. Zelensky Shoots Down Macron’s Call for an Olympics Truce with Russia | Breitbart

  20. Waldorf Astoria operator stays mum on reopening date after prolonged shutdown | NY Post

  21. NYPD has smallest police force since 1990 | The Post Millennial

  22. UPDATE: Joe Biden Was Lying When He Promised 'Intelligence' to Israel in Exchange for Saving Hamas | RedState

  23. Alleged suicide note of Boeing whistleblower John Barnett released | The Post Millennial

  24. DFL leaders, Gov. Tim Walz say they have a deal to pay drivers more, keep Uber and Lyft operating in Minnesota after threats to exit | CBS News

  25. Maryland governor says ship that hit Baltimore bridge will be removed ‘within days’ | The Hill

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