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TWS News Roundup 5/21/24

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  1. Klaus Schwab to step down as executive chairman of World Economic Forum | Human Events

  2. Border officials rip Biden’s attempt at last-minute policy changes ‘because it’s election year’ | NY Post

  3. Rudy Giuliani pleads not guilty to felony charges in Arizona election interference case | NY Post

  4. Fed governor: Further rate increases ‘probably unnecessary’ | The Hill\

  5. Trump raised MORE money than Biden while he sat in the New York hush money trial: Ex-president builds his 2024 war chest | Daily Mail

  6. Campaign Finance Expert Says Judge Merchan Restricted His Testimony in Trump Trial | Breitbart

  7. Pixar is laying off 14% of its workforce as Disney scales back content | NBC News

  8. US embassy refuses to pay £14.6m London congestion charge bill | Sky News

  9. Iranian Canadians celebrate death of President Ebrahim Raisi, dance and sing in Toronto | The Post Millennial

  10. Israeli officials seize AP equipment, cut live feed of Gaza | Axios

  11. U.S. says cyberattacks against water supplies are rising, and utilities need to do more to stop them | NBC News

  12. Craig Wright forged documents ‘on a grand scale’ in false claim to be bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto: judge | NY Post

  13. Health Centers At Seattle Public Schools Offer ‘Gender-Affirming’ Hormone Therapy To Children | The Daily Wire

  14. Wife of Syrian president Bashar al Assad diagnosed with leukaemia | Sky News

  15. Case Against Alleged Killer People Smugglers Collapses as Sinking Happened Outside Greek Territorial Waters | Breitbart

  16. Biden's DEA admits Mexican cartels are operating in all 50 states | The Post Millennial

  17. Zelensky demands Biden allow US rockets to strike deep into Russian territory despite promise not to | Human Events

  18. Amazon pursues "emissions-first" AI energy strategy | Axios

  19. One person killed, 30 injured after London-Singapore flight hit by severe turbulence | NY Post

  20. Biden National Security Council Advisor: We Can't Go Against Israel until Reelection; Israel 'Lies, Bombs, and Kills All These Kids' | Project Veritas

  21. Minnesota Democrats Fail To Move Forward Effort To Put Abortion In State Constitution | The Daily Wire

  22. Stefanik files ethics complaint against Judge Merchan | Axios

  23. Amal Clooney advised ICC on arrest warrants for Israeli officials, Hamas leaders | The Hill

  24. Rutgers University adviser routinely shares pro-Hamas social media posts, calls attacks on IDF soldiers ‘funny’ | NY Post

  25. Johnson gives Schumer an ultimatum on Netanyahu | The Hill

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