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TWS News Roundup 5/29/24

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  1. Judge Merchan breaks jury into 3 groups to weigh charges against Trump | The Post Millennial |

  2. RFK Jr. files FEC complaint over June 27 presidential debate criteria - CBS News

  3. Democrats Plan Virtual Nomination For Biden Ahead Of Chicago Convention (

  4. Driver tries to run down kids outside NYC Jewish school in possible hate crime attack (

  5. Justice Alito refuses to recuse himself from Jan. 6 cases after flag controversies - ABC News (

  6. Australian State Creates Parliamentary Position For ‘Men’s Behaviour Change’ (

  7. Greece to deport EU nationals who engaged in Gaza protests in Athens | Human Events |

  8. Pro-ISIS group posts ominous message showing Long Island cricket stadium set to host World Cup (

  9. Deadly Singapore Airlines plane fell 178 feet in 5 seconds (

  10. North Korea flies trash balloons over the South as leader Kim doubles down on satellite ambitions | AP News

  11. Two giant pandas will arrive at D.C.'s National Zoo this year, officials say (

  12. Walgreens to slash prices on 1,300 items as inflation rages (

  13. Farmers must kill 4.2 million chickens after bird flu hits Iowa egg farm - ABC News (

  14. Timeline of the former TikTok star, Ali Abulaban, double murder case as jury deliberates (

  15. Paul Pelosi attacker David DePape apologizes during resentencing hearing - ABC News (

  16. Nissan warns owners of older vehicles not to drive them due to risk of exploding air bag inflators - ABC News (

  17. Scottie Scheffler And His Attorney Respond To Charges Being Dropped In Criminal Case (

  18. Company that posted discriminatory 'whites only' job ad settles with federal government - ABC News

  19. Sixth US Reaper Drone Falls Into Houthi Hands | ZeroHedge

  20. Biden admin released suspect on terror watchlist into US—TWICE, gave him date for asylum hearing | The Post Millennial |

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