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TWS News Roundup 5/3/22

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  1. Rep. August Pfluger Introducing Bill to Defund Biden's Ministry of Truth (

  2. Durham Raises FEC Fine in Fight Over Documents HFA Claims Are Shielded |

  3. Congressional candidate Laura Loomer files RICO lawsuit against Twitter and Facebook (

  4. Secretary Mayorkas Defends Disinformation Governance Board From ‘Ministry Of Truth’ Accusations | The Daily Wire

  5. Larry Hogan makes pitch for GOP to move on from Trump | The Hill

  6. Taylor Lorenz Walks Back Claims After Falsely Alleging A Drudge Report Editor Harassed Her | The Daily Caller

  7. New York Rep. Antonio Delgado tapped as lieutenant governor | The Hill

  8. Legendary NFL Coach Challenges Sen. Warnock’s ‘Pro-Choice Pastor’ Support Of Abortion Following SCOTUS Leak | The Daily Wire

  9. Somali-born Air Force veteran says Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal sparked her run for Congress | Fox News

  10. Pfizer Q1 profit, revenue soar on COVID-19 vaccine sales (

  11. Senate Democrats will force Republicans to vote on abortion rights | The Hill

  12. Romney backs opinion, says leaker should be punished | The Hill

  13. Elon Musk bats off criticism he should have spent $44bn on charity not Twitter | Daily Mail Online

  14. Politico news leak: Chief Justice Roberts opens investigation (

  15. Irish lawmakers' fury after Russian threat to destroy Britain would involve wiping out Ireland | Daily Mail Online

  16. Capitol Police officer fired service weapon in break room (

  17. US to Prepare 19,000 Beds for Migrant Children |

  18. Hillary Clinton says Alito draft would ‘kill and subjugate women’ | The Hill

  19. UK army investigating 'fake priest' breach near queen's castle | Reuters

  20. Employers post record 11.5 million job openings in March | AP News

  21. ‘Smear Campaign’: Leftist Activists Seek To Intimidate Justices, Control The Court, Experts Say | The Daily Wire

  22. Facebook is shutting down its podcast platform after less than a year - The Verge

  23. Biogen CEO stepping down after Medicare decision on Alzheimer’s drug | The Hill

  24. Rocket Lab snatches rocket out of sky using a helicopter on its first try (

  25. Ukrainian spy chief suggests Russia's invasion will only end with 'war criminal' Putin's death | Daily Mail Online

  26. Rev. Franklin Graham on Ukraine war: 'Children always suffer the most during war' | Fox News

  27. Teva Pharm expects U.S. opioid case settlements to cost $2.6 bln | Reuters

  28. Amazon will cover costs for workers who travel for abortions (

  29. U.S. explores holding regional leaders' meeting during Biden's upcoming Middle East visit (

  30. Trump rips Biden’s new ‘propaganda board’ (

  31. Samsung signs deal with Dish for 5G radios, phones | Reuters

  32. Russia Claims It Bombed US and European Weapons Near Ukraine's Odesa |

  33. Putin's 'Doomsday' plane which allows him to rule Russia if nuclear war breaks out seen over Moscow | Daily Mail Online

  34. Alaska Nazi prison gang members convicted in grisly death (

  35. Judge lets Tulsa Race Massacre reparations lawsuit proceed | The Hill

  36. Supreme Court abortion leak latest in series of institutional betrayals | Just The News

  37. Beijing to postpone school reopening for at least one week after labour day holiday | Reuters

  38. BP expects to pay up to 1 billion pounds in UK taxes in 2022 | Reuters

  39. Florida man faces 1st-degree murder charge in woman's overdose death after allegedly quitting CPR | Fox News

  40. The Pope says Putin snubbed his offer to meet - and Russia plans to complete the invasion by May 9 | Daily Mail Online

  41. Conservatives urge Paxton, Abbott in Texas to declare border crisis an 'invasion' | Just The News

  42. Activist investor Ancora asks Hasbro to sell Entertainment One unit - letter | Reuters

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