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TWS News Roundup 5/30/22

Updated: May 31, 2022

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  1. Jury deliberations to resume in Michael Sussmann trial on Tuesday (

  2. Erdogan discusses Turkey’s Syria incursion plans with Putin | The Hill

  3. Biden rules out sending Ukraine rockets that can strike into Russia | The Hill

  4. Russia test-fires its latest hypersonic Zircon missile (

  5. French 32-year-old journalist is killed in Ukraine | Fox News

  6. Eric Adams, Kathy Hochul commemorate Memorial Day in NYC (

  7. Green Beret vet launches PAC to help elect more conservative veterans to Congress | Just The News

  8. Capitol riot panel backs off push to snag RNC data (

  9. Shootings In Tennessee, Oklahoma, And Pennsylvania Leave Several Dead Over Memorial Day Weekend | The Daily Wire

  10. China's security deal with 10 Pacific nations including Fiji SCRAPPED over fears 'new Cold War' | Daily Mail Online

  11. Democrats’ complaints on assault weapon ban ignore missed opportunity in 2009 under Obama | Just The News

  12. Watch: Ted Cruz Asserts "We're Not Responding To Tragedy By Giving Up Rights" | ZeroHedge

  13. China Uses Digital Yuan to Stimulate Virus-Hit Consumers |

  14. President Biden suggests razing Texas elementary school where 21 people were killed, state senator says | Fox News

  15. Russia Offers Foreign Debt Payment Through Gazprom |

  16. Axios Report: Midterm Outlook 'Bleak' for House Democrats (

  17. Mo Brooks gets into fiery exchange with ‘Fox News Sunday’ host over 2020 election | The Hill

  18. 'I would never not stand up': Baseball legend criticizes San Francisco manger's anthem protest | Just The News

  19. Florida AG Moody: Biden's Border Policies 'Serving as Catnip' for Illegals |

  20. Shanghai lockdown: China's financial hub set to lift Covid curbs - BBC News

  21. Florida Sheriff Grady Judd Says His Officers Will ‘Put A Bullet Through Your Head’ If You Attempt A School Shooting | The Daily Caller

  22. Ohio’s lawsuit against Google can move forward | Just The News

  23. Biden vows to 'turn pain into action' after mourning with relatives of Uvalde massacre victims | Daily Mail Online

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