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TWS News Roundup 5/30/24

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  1. NYC jury finds President Trump GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS in Alvin Bragg’s business records case | The Post Millennial |

  2. NYC’s top lawyer officially leaves as Adams admin lobbies for Randy Mastro (

  3. House GOP launches investigation into Secret Service ‘DEI’ practices after Kamala’s body guard freaked out at Joint Base Andrews | The Post Millennial |

  4. NJ Sen. Bob Menendez has enough signatures to run as independent: report (

  5. Biden administration awarding nearly $1 billion for green school buses - CBS News

  6. GDP grew just 1.3% last quarter, consumer spending weaker than expected (

  7. Trump discusses presidential advisory role with Elon Musk in next administration: report | The Post Millennial |

  8. WeWork cleared to exit bankruptcy as it moves on from Adam Neumann (

  9. Democrat senators push DOJ for full oil industry investigation into alleged 'price fixing' | Just The News

  10. Supreme Court clears way for NRA free speech lawsuit against ex-Cuomo official (

  11. POLL: Democrats open to replacing Biden as 2024 nominee - Rebel News

  12. Biden predicts next president will appoint ‘a couple justices’ (

  13. Quebec professor removed from Order of Chemists over his criticism of vaccines - Rebel News

  14. Mayoral candidate assassinated in front of supporters at campaign rally (Video) | New York Post (

  15. Japan town that blocked view of Mount Fuji already needs new barrier, as holes appear in mesh screen - CBS News

  16. Biden Administration ‘Looking Closely’ At Vaccinating Farm Workers, Others For Bird Flu (

  17. 14 pro-democracy activists convicted, 2 acquitted in Hong Kong’s biggest national security case | The Hill

  18. Hunter Biden to sue Fox News for calling him a ‘degenerate crackhead’ | The Post Millennial |

  19. Russia says NATO is 'provoking' Ukraine into prolonging the 'senseless war'... which Putin started | Daily Mail Online

  20. Sheriff denies that officers responding to Maine mass shooting had been drinking - ABC News (

  21. Senators grill Pentagon over plan to deepen Microsoft relationship (

  22. Mike Johnson Making Plans To Move Fast On Issues If GOP Wins Senate And White House (

  23. U.S. district judge Larry Hicks killed by car collision outside court in Nevada (

  24. Bidenomics: GDP Revised Down To A Slower 1.3% Growth Rate (

  25. Boeing submits safety improvement plan to federal regulators (

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