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TWS News Roundup 5/31/22

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  1. Ex-Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Sussmann found not guilty of lying to FBI | Just The News

  2. Durham 'Disappointed'; Thanks Jury, Team for 'Seeking Truth, Justice' |

  3. GOP bill would criminalize Supreme Court leaks | The Hill

  4. Iran grows uranium stock 18 times above nuke deal limit: report (

  5. Canada proposes allowing border agents to search people's phones, emails, texts, photos (

  6. German Police Raid Deutsche Bank, DWS Over Allegations Of Greenwashing | ZeroHedge

  7. Boris Johnson warns civil service cannot escape cost-cutting as he defends pledge to axe 91,000 jobs | Daily Mail Online

  8. AG Garland Says U.S. Democracy Facing ‘Threats’ From Jan. 6, Election Reforms In Harvard Speech | The Daily Wire

  9. Bipartisan Senate working group on gun violence will meet Tuesday | The Hill

  10. Ex-Trump aide Peter Navarro vows to sue Jan. 6 panel, Pelosi (

  11. US Department of Labor awards $2.5M grant to counter forced labor, human trafficking, other abuses in Southeast Asia’s fishing industries | U.S. Department of Labor (

  12. Biden Education Secretary argues males should be allowed to compete in girls' sports - Rebel News

  13. Rep. Ilhan Omar Complains About Media Bias In Speech To Organization Repeatedly Accused Of Terrorist Ties | The Daily Caller

  14. Authorities make arrest in 1984 killing linked to Bulger | AP News

  15. Scotiabank apologizes to Freedom Convoy organizer for freezing bank account - Rebel News

  16. U.S. not alone in inflation battle, Eurozone hits 8.1% inflation as energy costs soar | Just The News

  17. Adams: Slow response to shooting like Uvalde wouldn't happen in NYC (

  18. NRA reelects Charles Cotton as president, Wayne LaPierre as CEO | The Hill

  19. NJ Attorney General's Office has opened investigation into unsolved 2014 killing of prominent couple - Gothamist

  20. WEF proposes eating mushrooms and algae as alternatives to meat - Rebel News

  21. Pelosi Primary Challenger Calls Her 'Corrupt Oligarch' After Hubby's DUI |

  22. Supreme Court clerks may have to hand over phone records: report (

  23. Americans' Confidence in Economy Drops Even Lower: Gallup |

  24. Canada extends COVID-19 border travel restrictions for at least another month - Rebel News

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