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TWS News Roundup 5/6/24

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  1. Israel Moving Forward With Rafah Ground Offensive | ZeroHedge

  2. Trump fined $1,000 for gag order violation in hush money case as judge warns of possible jail time (

  3. Princeton students stage hunger strike to demand ‘complete amnesty from all criminal and disciplinary charges’ for Gaza Camp protesters | The Post Millennial |

  4. US soldier detained in Russia on charges of criminal misconduct, Army says - ABC News (

  5. House GOP wants answers from FBI over diversity obsession (

  6. ‘Longtime anarchist,’ ‘possible leader’ of Columbia’s Gaza protest is wealthy heir with $2.3 million mansion | The Post Millennial |

  7. Bernie Sanders to run for reelection in November | The Hill

  8. Republicans file lawsuit to block count of Nevada mail ballots received after Election Day - Breitbart

  9. Ex-top Biden DOJ official now prosecuting Trump was once paid by DNC for 'political consulting' | Fox News

  10. China hijacking US climate change agenda, Heritage study claims (

  11. Biden Admin Officials Coordinated With Anti-Israel Group To Isolate Israeli Jews in West Bank, Emails Show (

  12. Jack Dorsey leaves Bluesky board after regret sale of Twitter (

  13. FAA Opens New Probe Into Boeing Over Potentially Falsified Records, 787 Inspections | ZeroHedge

  14. Attorney General Merrick Garland will be held in CONTEMPT of Congress for refusing to hand over audio recordings of Biden's special counsel interview where Robert Hur concluded he's an 'elderly man' with a 'poor memory' | Daily Mail Online

  15. North Korea bolsters leader Kim Jong UN with birthday loyalty oaths (

  16. Prison education programs ready to expand, but new Pell Grants slow to arrive (

  17. Trump blasts Biden over his donors funding Gaza Camp protesters as Columbia cancels commencement | The Post Millennial |

  18. Ukrainian MP accused of embezzlement as war-torn nation climbs up worldwide corruption index | Human Events |

  19. Chicago mayor runs away from reporters asking about officer’s murder | The Post Millennial |

  20. Trump interferes with House GOP messaging on Cuellar indictment (

  21. Russia's Tactical Nuclear Weapons Exercises Are Meant To Deter A NATO Intervention In Ukraine | ZeroHedge

  22. Ex-Trump aide Brad Parscale, who targeted Facebook ads, now has AI platform (

  23. Bidenflation Blues: Renters More Pessimistic Than Ever About Owning A Home (

  24. Chinese scientists create mutant Ebola virus to skirt around biosafety rules - and it causes horrific symptoms and kills group of hamsters | Daily Mail Online

  25. Macron, Von Der Leyen Open Trilateral Talks With Xi Jinping in Paris (

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