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TWS News Roundup 5/8/23

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  1. Black man charged with hate crime in random shootings of 2 white men in Tulsa | The Post Millennial |

  2. Rebel News expelled from Trudeau’s convention in Ottawa - Rebel News

  3. DeSantis prohibits CCP from buying or owning farmland, influencing education | The Post Millennial |

  4. Government employees union sues Yellen, Biden over ‘unconstitutional’ debt limit law | The Hill

  5. Biden would veto GOP’s border security bill: ‘Make things worse’ | Fox News

  6. Santos says he wants to make public policy ‘entertaining’: ‘I cannot bear to watch C-SPAN’ | The Hill

  7. Former Clinton pollster sounds alarm for Biden camp as poll shows Trump ahead: 'This is a potential Titanic' | Fox News

  8. Emails Show Biden Corruption Allegations Sent To Federal Prosecutor In 2018: Report | The Daily Wire

  9. ‘Completely Oblivious’: Rand Paul Worries Banning TikTok Will Cost The GOP Young Voters | The Daily Caller

  10. Iran executes two men for blasphemy as human rights group accuses regime of 'intolerable' crackdown | World News | Sky News

  11. White House bans New York Post from Biden event as Hunter indictment looms (

  12. Newsom let CA default on $18.6B in fed unemployment loans – HotAir

  13. Former Navy reservist sentenced to additional 4 years for Jan. 6 riot - ABC News (

  14. Yellen calls invoking 14th Amendment a ‘constitutional crisis’ | The Hill

  15. Chinese militia boats cross Indian, ASEAN warships exercising in South China Sea | Reuters

  16. SEC Pays Out Monster $279 Million Whistleblower Award | ZeroHedge

  17. ‘It’s Time To Clean House’: Former Senior FBI Agents Blast Politicization Of The Bureau | The Daily Caller

  18. Blinken gets contempt of Congress threat over Afghan withdrawal (

  19. Lawmakers ask for data on maternal mental health program’s effectiveness | The Hill

  20. House to vote on GOP migration plan as border restrictions end (

  21. U.S. Intelligence Community Has a New 'Disinformation' Center (

  22. House Judiciary demands Google comply with subpoena over suppression of free speech | The Post Millennial |

  23. Nearly 610,000 federal student loan borrowers have received forgiveness since Oct. 2021 | Just The News

  24. ‘The Evidence Is Overwhelming’ – Robert Kennedy Jr. Blames The CIA For JFK's Assassination | DC Enquirer

  25. Wall Street ends near flat ahead of inflation data | Reuters

  26. FBI nears deadline for subpoena related to alleged Biden bribery scandal | Fox News

  27. FOX Corp Demands Dominion Look into Leaks of Tucker Texts - Claim $787 Million Settlement May Be at Stake | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

  28. UN criticizes Taliban over public executions, lashings, stoning | The Hill

  29. Scientific American Essay Applauds Population Decline as 'Good News' (

  30. Even the hot U.S. job market can't solve America's labor shortage (

  31. Turkey Angrily Rejects US Request To Give Ukraine S-400 Air Defense System | ZeroHedge

  32. Texas mall shooter’s extremist social media posts under review, official says | The Hill

  33. Arrests on King Charles' coronation day amid protests draw call for "urgent clarity" from London mayor - CBS News

  34. Lamborghini's record sales continue into 2023 thanks to SUVs | Fox Business

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