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TWS News Roundup 6/10/24

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  1. Unaired Video Shows Nancy Pelosi Admitting Responsibility for Not Having National Guard at Capitol (

  2. Ukraine takes out one of Russia’s most advanced fighter jets  (

  3. John Fetterman, wife Gisele 'doing well' after Maryland car crash (

  4. Video shows Israeli commandos rescuing hostages in Gaza (

  5. House Panel Invites Scarlett Johansson To Testify About Deepfakes After OpenAI Voice Controversy (

  6. Sen. Baldwin Rakes in California Cash While Slamming Opponent for Golden State Ties (

  7. UN Security Council endorses temporary cease-fire between Israel and Hamas (

  8. Turkish migrants fall from 30-foot border wall in San Diego (

  9. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims ballot access in enough states to win presidency (

  10. Police Arrest Second Illegal Immigrant Murder Suspect Living In Colony Ridge (

  11. Liberal Party set to lose over half of MPs (

  12. Hunter Biden withdrew $800 from ATM and met with drug dealer just hours before revolver purchase, bombshell text messages reveal | Daily Mail Online

  13. Ex-intel officials double down on signing 'patriotic' letter against Hunter Biden laptop: 'Woefully ignorant' | Fox News

  14. DeSantis: Students, parents and teachers agree that no phones in classrooms was the right move (

  15. ‘Voter importation’: Musk slams Biden border patrol memo instructing release of illegal immigrants after EO | The Post Millennial |

  16. Jobless claims tick higher ahead of critical May jobs report (

  17. Media Orgs Panic After Right-Wing Parties Surge In European Elections (

  18. US Consulate in Sydney vandalized over Gaza war (

  19. Chrysler recalls more than 211,000 SUVs and pickup trucks due to software malfunction - ABC News (

  20. Trump Travels To Swing State For First Rally Since Conviction, Attracts Thousands Of Supporters (

  21. Belgian Prime Minister to resign following major right-wing victories in EU elections | Human Events |

  22. New York moves to install panic buttons in stores to prevent crime—Walmart says no way | The Post Millennial |

  23. Hailstorm causes major damage to nose, cockpit windows of Austrian Airlines plane (

  24. Texas launches '10 Most Wanted Criminal Illegal Immigrant List' | Just The News

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