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TWS News Roundup 6/13/23

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  1. Ohio Republican Vance will hold Justice Dept. nominees in Senate over Trump case (

  2. Vivek Ramaswamy only GOP candidate to show support in Miami, pledges to pardon Donald Trump | The Post Millennial |

  3. UN nuclear chief says large Ukraine atomic power plant held by Russia faces 'dangerous situation' | AP News

  4. Westfield Mall abandons San Francisco amid massive retail crime wave | The Post Millennial |

  5. Gov. DeSantis reveals vision for major DOJ and FBI overhaul - Rebel News

  6. Gaetz Demands Answers: Trump Prosecutor Karen Gilbert Donated to Obama, Biden, Democrats (

  7. House conservatives end floor standoff, several bills advance for vote | Just The News

  8. Gov. DeSantis reveals vision for major DOJ and FBI overhaul - Rebel News

  9. Jewish hate crime victim can’t ‘fathom’ light sentence for attacker (

  10. Gov. DeSantis reveals vision for major DOJ and FBI overhaul - Rebel News

  11. Ted Cruz Grills Mark Zuckerberg Over Alleged Instagram Pedophile Network | The Daily Wire

  12. House Freedom Caucus gets two new members in wake of revolt | The Hill

  13. Industry estimates gun 'buyback' scheme will cost taxpayers up to $6 billion - Rebel News

  14. Outgoing CDC Director Admits Teachers Union Influenced School Reopening Guidelines | The Daily Caller

  15. Legislation Requiring Structural Inspections of Multi-Family Dwellings In New Jersey Advances; Bill Introduced in Response to Surfside Tragedy - The Lakewood Scoop

  16. GOP Senator Demands Investigation Into California University’s Reported $220 Million China Campus Deal | The Daily Caller

  17. Trump says he should be exonerated because jury was not informed about law or Clinton case | Just The News

  18. AMD says Meta is using its cloud chip as it rolls out AI strategy update | Reuters

  19. Biden administration extending temporary legal status for 300K immigrants Trump sought to end | The Hill

  20. Tennessee lawmaker files Articles of Impeachment against President Joe Biden | WZTV (

  21. Inflation cools to 4% but remains twice target rate | Just The News

  22. Newsom agrees Biden is ‘cognitively strong enough to be president’ | The Hill

  23. Bed Bath & Beyond names Overstock stalking horse bidder (

  24. House Oversight Committee Subpoenas Biden Family Associate Devon Archer (

  25. Bipartisan bill would ban China, 'hostile' countries from manufacturing inventions funded by US taxpayers | Fox News

  26. White House press secretary violated Hatch Act: watchdog | The Hill

  27. NATO's largest-ever air force drill sends message to Russia | Fox News

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