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TWS News Roundup 6/14/22

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  1. House passes expanded security for Supreme Court justices, family members | Just The News

  2. SEC expands investigation into Donald Trump’s Truth Social (

  3. Elon Musk to directly address Twitter employees for the first all-hands meeting | The Post Millennial

  4. South Korean truckers end 8-day strike, return to work - ABC News (

  5. Report: 40 Percent of Law Enforcement Agencies Failed to Report 2021 Crime Data |

  6. U.S. Senate finance chair to propose tax on excess oil profits | Reuters

  7. McConnell says he will likely vote for gun safety bill | The Hill

  8. South Texas Mayor Arrested, Accused of Bribery and Fraud - Breaking911

  9. US Economy Has "Decent Chance" Of Avoiding Recession But Things "Could Go Bad": Bernanke | ZeroHedge

  10. Trudeau government suspends unvaccinated travel ban - The Counter Signal

  11. Coinbase to lay off 18 percent of staff amid ‘crypto winter’ | The Hill

  12. Nord Stream gas capacity constrained as sanctions delay equipment | Reuters

  13. Suspects in beating death of Ethan Liming stole his car, preventing friends from taking him to the hospital | The Post Millennial

  14. Sen. Cruz, Colleagues Protect Flood Insurance Policyholders with the Homeowner Flood Insurance Transparency Act | Senator Ted Cruz (

  15. Russia Again Extends Griner Detention |

  16. Biden’s Pennsylvania campaign chief joins Fetterman’s team | The Hill

  17. Nicholas Roske texted sister from outside Brett Kavanaugh's home (

  18. Sanders says he would support Biden reelection bid | The Hill

  19. Google engineer says Christianity helped him believe in 'sentient' AI (

  20. Jason Kenney's successor to be chosen October 6 - Rebel News

  21. Putin enemy Alexei Navalny removed from prison to unknown location (

  22. Elon Musk questions why Twitter allows death threats against Libs of TikTok | The Post Millennial

  23. Poll: Majority of Americans Against Trans Athletes in Female Sports |

  24. Bloomberg staffer detained in China released on bail | The Hill

  25. Poll: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Leads Democrat Beto O’Rourke by 19 Points (

  26. ‘Squad’ Rep. Bowman warns of 'civil war' if GOP takes midterms (

  27. UK says there is no reason for EU to take legal action over Northern Ireland law | Reuters

  28. LISTEN: The moment Hunter Biden says his father will do anything he tells him to | Washington Examiner

  29. May Migrant Apprehensions in Texas-Based Sectors Exceeds Waco's Population (

  30. Scoop: Biden leans toward easing some of Trump's China tariffs (

  31. Biden Education Department launches parents council to strengthen relationships between schools, families | Fox News

  32. Ukraine has enough ammunition but needs long-range weapons, Zelenskiy says | Reuters

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