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TWS News Roundup 6/23/22

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  1. Supreme Court STRIKES DOWN New York concealed carry restrictions | The Post Millennial

  2. Austria Drops COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate, Admits Causing Social Division. (

  3. The UK's shadowy "counter-disinformation unit" has shifted from Covid to war (

  4. Minnesota GOP gubernatorial candidate says he will retaliate against state medical board, if elected | Just The News

  5. Feds Search Former Trump DOJ Official’s Home Day Before J6 Committee Hearing | The Daily Caller

  6. Wall Street posts solid gains, as defensives, tech shine | Reuters

  7. Russia mining Black Sea to strangle Ukrainian ports: report (

  8. Biden administration cancels federal student loans for 200,000 defrauded borrowers | Just The News

  9. 400 murders this year in Juarez, Mexico -- city bordering Texas (

  10. Energy Secretary Lays Out ‘The Only Way’ To Avoid High Gas Prices, And It’s Not Producing More Oil | The Daily Wire

  11. Fetterman Says Critical Race Theory Doesn’t Matter. His Backers Disagree. (

  12. Amazon providing $23M for affordable housing in Seattle | The Hill

  13. Netflix Cuts 300 Workers In Second Round Of Layoffs Amid "Difficult Transition" | ZeroHedge

  14. Michigan Congressman And Pro-Life Organization Accuse Abortion Activist Group Of Vandalizing Offices | The Daily Wire

  15. The Lakewood Scoop NEW: Jewish Lakewood Woman Targeted In Asbury Park Press Racist Photo Caption Sues Paper, Others - The Lakewood Scoop

  16. Stefanik rolls out 'bill of rights' for service member parents to ensure transparency in DOD schools | Fox News

  17. Apple and Android phones hacked by Italian spyware, Google says | Reuters

  18. Pence endorses Zeldin in New York GOP gubernatorial race; Trump still neutral ahead of Tuesday’s primary | Fox News

  19. Vulnerable House Democrats Call On Pelosi To Pass New Police Funding | The Daily Caller

  20. Biden administration has repeatedly asked Elon Musk’s Tesla for advice: Report | Fox News

  21. Republican Senate Bill Could Throw Future SCOTUS Leakers Behind Bars | The Daily Caller

  22. Supreme Court rules for GOP lawmakers in voter ID case | AP News

  23. Pentagon Wants Elon Musk To Drop Soldiers Into Conflict From Space | ZeroHedge

  24. Casey DeSantis Recruits Former Law Enforcement and Veterans to Be Child Protective Investigators - Florida’s Voice (

  25. GOP House leadership to vote against bipartisan Senate gun bill | Just The News

  26. Ominous warning: Ex-border chief says next terror attack may have already crossed porous U.S. border | Just The News

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