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TWS News Roundup 6/26/23

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  1. Fox News taps Jesse Watters to succeed ousted host Tucker Carlson in key primetime hour (

  2. 13 Serious Allegations by IRS Whistleblower Against Bidens, DOJ (

  3. Stark analysis of Wagner chief Prigozhin's future with mutiny charges NOT dropped | Daily Mail Online

  4. House and Senate Republicans Take a Buzzsaw to Wokeness in the Military (

  5. McCarthy says House will ‘start impeachment inquiries’ on Biden’s AG Merrick Garland if whistleblower info true | The Post Millennial |

  6. Sen. Ted Cruz points out Biden admin is now officially boycotting Israel - American Thinker

  7. Santos on reelection: ‘McCarthy’s comments do not change my intention of running’ | The Hill

  8. BBC Accused of Colluding With London's Khan over ULEZ Coverage (

  9. NASA launches Mars mission simulation | The Hill

  10. Poll: Nearly 70% Happy in California, but Over 40% Think of Leaving (

  11. Pfizer Plunges After Halting Development Of Obesity-Drug On Safety Concerns | ZeroHedge

  12. Muslim Canadians surround Justin Trudeau’s office, protest against far-left LGBTQ indoctrination of children | The Post Millennial |

  13. Colorado Springs LGBTQ+ club mass killer gets life in prison, victim says ‘devil awaits’ defendant | The Hill

  14. Russia jails hypersonic scientist, 71, for 'leaking secrets to the Netherlands' | Daily Mail Online

  15. Canada Launches Investigation Into Cause of Titanic Sub Implosion (

  16. China says supports Russia after failed Wagner mercenary revolt (

  17. Supreme Court tosses Trump DC hotel records case | The Hill

  18. Russian Defense Minister Shoigu Filmed Visiting Troops After Rumors He Was Detained | ZeroHedge

  19. Supreme Court declines to hear case on charter school dress code | The Hill

  20. Prosecutors Furious at Leak that Israeli Judges Think Netanyahu Case Too Weak (

  21. Far-left NYC cracks down on coal, wood-fired pizzerias to fight climate change | The Post Millennial |

  22. Black Rock CEO Larry Fink "ashamed" to be part of ESG political debate (

  23. House Republican attempts to stop Biden administration from weakening washing machines | Fox News

  24. RFK Jr. Calls for Federal Legalization of Marijuana; Let States Decide Own Laws (

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