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TWS News Roundup 6/4/24

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  1. ‘Biden Migrant Crime’: Trump Slams Biden After Illegal Immigrant Allegedly Shoots Two NYPD Cops (

  2. Ukraine has "freaking decimated" Russia's military, Biden says (

  3. Republicans tear into Merrick Garland over Trump 'lawfare' (

  4. U.S. lawmakers pick fight with the Maldives over Israeli passport ban (

  5. Ex-US soldier accused of ‘international crime spree’ extradited from Ukraine (

  6. CIA director, Biden adviser head to Mideast to push for hostage/ceasefire deal (

  7. Wisconsin AG files felony charges against attorneys, aide who worked for Trump in 2020 (

  8. Judge to rule on June 14 in Alex Jones bankruptcy case, could liquidate Infowars | The Post Millennial |

  9. NATO Country Sends Air Force Instructor To Ukraine Ahead Of F-16 Arrivals | ZeroHedge

  10. NHS cyber attack cancels operations and blood transfusions: Hackers target Guy's and St Thomas' and Kings College Hospital as health service declares 'critical incident' | Daily Mail Online

  11. FBI agent whose ‘allegiance’ was questioned over Capitol riot claims regains security clearance, wins back pay (

  12. Harvard Nixes DEI Statements As Requirement For Faculty Employment Applications (

  13. Nicole Shanahan says she and Tucker Carlson are ‘so on the same page in every single way’ (

  14. House passes GOP bill to sanction ICC as it seeks arrest warrant for Netanyahu - ABC News

  15. Zambia’s debt restructuring limps over line as painful test case | Reuters

  16. Hunter Biden is dressed down by sugar brother's daughter (

  17. Germany ready to deal with security threats at Euro 2024 | Reuters

  18. Gibraltar will retaliate if Spain imposes full border checks, British territory's first minister warns | Daily Mail Online

  19. Huge lithium discovery in PA could supply more than a third of American needs | The Post Millennial |

  20. German officer dies from wounds in Afghan migrant stabbing spree | Human Events |

  21. Long-serving House Republican from SC endorses Nancy Mace’s primary challenger (

  22. Arizona House may vote on 'Secure the Border Act' on Tuesday (

  23. Canadian Liberals Mad Because Conservative Leader Doesn’t Pride Hard Enough (

  24. Trump flips his 2020 stance, launches absentee ballot and early voting push | Fox News

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