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TWS News Roundup 6/6/24

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  1. Judge orders Steve Bannon to report to prison on July 1 for contempt of Congress sentence (

  2. Biden says he will NOT pardon son Hunter if he is found guilty of buying a gun while addicted to drugs and insists Trump got a 'fair trial' | Daily Mail Online

  3. UFO investigation launched in Japan after U.S. report designates region as "hotspot" for sightings - CBS News

  4. NTSB says an air traffic controller's faulty assumption led to a close call between planes in Texas - ABC News (

  5. UAE-Palestinian shouting match over reforms blew up Blinken meeting (

  6. Biden claims he's 'known' Russia's Vladimir Putin 'for over 40 years' — even when he was undercover KGB agent (

  7. U.S. Treasury sanctions Ecuadorean crime gang Los Lobos and its leader-statement | Reuters

  8. Scores feared dead after RSF militants attack village in Sudan’s Al Jazirah State - ABC News (

  9. Swing-District Dem Sue Altman Campaigns With Group Working To Fast-Track Citizenship for All Illegal Immigrants (

  10. Joe Biden invokes Ukraine’s fight against ‘tyrant’ in marking D-Day (

  11. SpaceX's Starship makes 1st successful water landing in 4th test flight (

  12. Senate Republicans Block Dem Contraception Bill (

  13. Wyoming teacher fired for refusing to call transgender students by their preferred names | The Post Millennial |

  14. COVID vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths since pandemic: study (

  15. The FTC is preparing to sue the largest alcohol distributor in the U.S. over alleged 'secret kickbacks' (

  16. TJ Maxx workers are equipped with police-like body-worn cameras to reduce theft | Daily Mail Online

  17. McConnell biography scheduled for October release (

  18. Tim Scott PAC to spend $14 MILLION on minority voter outreach | The Post Millennial |

  19. Cartel distribution network dismantled by DOJ; 47 charged, 36 arrested (

  20. Christian Parents Say Vermont Blocked Them From Foster Care System Because Of Their Beliefs On Gender (

  21. GameStop surges 40% as 'Roaring Kitty' schedules first YouTube livestream in years (

  22. FDA reverses order taking Juul vaping products off the market in US, opens door to possible authorization - ABC News (

  23. U.S. regulators to open antitrust probes into Nvidia, Microsoft and OpenAI (

  24. France's intel agency detains Ukrainian-Russian man suspected of planning violent act after he injured himself in explosion - CBS News

  25. Post's Hunter Biden laptop story vindicated after FBI confirms authenticity in court (

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