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TWS News Roundup 6/7/22

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  1. Steve Bannon SUBPOENAS Nancy Pelosi and members of the January 6 committee | Daily Mail Online

  2. Loaded guns found at Parkland school belong to principal: report | The Hill

  3. Four Uvalde Families File Suit Against School Gunman |

  4. Babylon Bee CEO Offers WaPo Reporter Big Bucks To Repost Joke That Got Him Suspended | The Daily Caller

  5. Majority of New Yorkers say Adams, Hochul not doing good job: poll (

  6. CNN Might Dump Overtly Partisan Talent: Report | The Daily Wire

  7. Bill would yank US out of UN - TheBlaze

  8. Bluebird bio's blood disorder therapy effective - FDA staff | Reuters

  9. Hype, Politicization Surrounding Jan. 6 Panel Hearings Could Backfire, Warns Ex-Obama Adviser | The Daily Wire

  10. Key figure in bipartisan gun reform negotiations says red flag bill has best chance in the Senate | Just The News

  11. Bereaved families face grief, trauma after Nigeria church attack | Reuters

  12. 8 in 10 Americans: Economy is 'poor or not so good' under Biden (

  13. MSNBC Guest, Former Obama Advisor Claims The Daily Wire’s Popularity Is A ‘Problem For Democracy’ | The Daily Wire

  14. Raytheon to Open Global Headquarters in Arlington – NBC4 Washington (

  15. Romney, Ossoff call for probe into journalist’s killing in West Bank | The Hill

  16. America First Legal — Did Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain Violate The Hatch Act? AFL Demands Answers (

  17. Fox News Channel won’t carry coverage of prime-time Jan. 6 hearing live | The Hill

  18. US Can Seize Russian Oligarch’s Private Jets, Court Rules | The Daily Caller

  19. Mexican President's Absence At Summit Of The Americas An Embarrassment For White House | ZeroHedge

  20. US Supreme Court declines to hear McCloskeys' law license case | Fox News

  21. Proud Boys documentarian to be among first Jan. 6 witnesses | The Hill

  22. Cabinet minister in Dominican Republic slain in his office (

  23. UK Joins US In Sending Longer-Range Rockets To Ukraine Despite Putin Warnings | ZeroHedge

  24. New York governor signs bill raising age to buy semi-automatic rifles | The Hill

  25. Bavarian Nordic sells monkeypox vaccines to Canada | Reuters

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