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TWS News Roundup 7/10/24

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  1. AOC files articles of impeachment against Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas | The Post Millennial |

  2. Top Biden Official Says Iran Involved In Stirring Up Protests Against Israel On U.S. Soil (

  3. Businesswoman who complained about cartel extortion and illegal fishing is shot dead in Mexico - CBS News

  4. Former Obama aides among Joe Biden's loudest critics (

  5. France cracks down on counterfeit designer goods ahead of Paris Olympics | Human Events |

  6. CIA director holds Gaza talks with Qatari, Egyptian and Israeli officials (

  7. George Stephanopoulos apologizes after saying Biden can’t serve another term (

  8. GARM Exposed: House Judiciary Report Says Ad Coalition Likely Broke Law To Silence Conservatives (

  9. One of Biden's 'closest friends' thinks he should have a 'complete neurological exam' (

  10. FEMA announces finalized flood risk management standard (

  11. GOP official slams NY election lawsuits as secret effort to knock conservatives from office (

  12. Long Island school districts sue social media giants over ‘addictive and dangerous’ effects on children | The Post Millennial |

  13. BMW recalling more than 390,000 vehicles due to airbag inflator issue - ABC News (

  14. Ex-French first lady 'tampered with witness' in husband’s case (\

  15. Pelosi dodges question on whether Biden should remain in 2024 race, says 'time is running short' to find replacement (

  16. Microsoft relinquishes OpenAI board seat as regulators zero in on artificial intelligence - CBS News

  17. NATO To Launch Initiatives On Ukraine, AI, Disinformation, And Cyber | ZeroHedge

  18. CBS News president Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews to exit after controversies at helm of network (

  19. Mexican Army v. Cartel Gunmen Shootouts Leaves 4 Dead in Hunt for El Chapo’s Brother (

  20. NYC man and Canadian national plead guilty to exporting U.S. electronics used in Russian weapons in Ukraine - CBS News

  21. New York in play as ‘battleground state’ after decades of Democrat dominance | The Post Millennial |

  22. Biden to be interviewed by NBC's Lester Holt on Monday (

  23. Michael Cohen asks the Supreme Court to revive his lawsuit against Trump (

  24. House Oversight subpoenas top Biden aides over his mental fitness (

  25. Israel consul general asks WA attorney general to investigate non-profit media outlet with ties to terror | The Post Millennial |

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