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TWS News Roundup 7/12/22

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  1. China and Russia Want to Replace U.S. Dollar With BRICS Currencies | Just The News

  2. Honda key fob hack could leave all vehicle models since 2012 vulnerable: reports (

  3. Leader of ISIS in Syria Maher al-Agal killed in airstrike (

  4. Man accused of threatening to kill Jayapal outside her home | The Hill

  5. Dettelbach becomes head of ATF, 1st confirmed chief in years | AP News

  6. Uber secretly lobbied prominent politicians, leaked files show | The Hill

  7. France's Catherine Colonna says only a few weeks left to save Iran nuclear deal (

  8. As abortion restrictions grow, California doctor proposes floating abortion clinic in federal waters | Just The News

  9. New NYT Poll Shows ‘Staggering’ Amount Of Americans Believe US Heading In Wrong Direction | The Daily Caller

  10. Abortion ruling creating health care ‘chaos,’ Senate panel warned | The Hill

  11. Russia takes Satan-2 hypersonic nuclear missile into forest for imminent new tests | Daily Mail Online

  12. America First Legal — AFL FOIAs ICE To Expose Biden Administration’s Use of Taxpayer Dollars to Support Mexican Cartels, Distribute Illegal Aliens Across The United States (

  13. Pennsylvania governor signs executive order to protect access to abortion | The Hill

  14. Governor's Office Fires Back On Media Account That Claims DeSantis Supports CRT (

  15. First lady Jill Biden apologizes after backlash over her comparing Hispanics to breakfast 'tacos' | Just The News

  16. Boeing deliveries reach highest monthly level since March 2019 | Reuters

  17. James Webb Space Telescope images and data released by NASA (

  18. Laval University suspends two professors after video being skeptical about giving Covid vaccines to kids (

  19. New York City officials unveil nuclear preparedness PSA | The Hill

  20. California spent $50K on ‘racial equity’ trainings for Fish and Wildlife Department: nonprofit (

  21. Chinese electric car company BYD slides on speculation Buffett is reducing stake | Reuters

  22. Trump Slams Cassidy Hutchinson as 'Female Scam Artist' |

  23. News engagement plummets as Americans tune out (

  24. Heathrow Airport puts 100,000 limit on daily departing passengers | Daily Mail Online

  25. Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos to step down, insider Owen to take over | Reuters

  26. Ten Shot Monday Alone in Mayor Jim Kenney's Philadelphia (

  27. Starbucks Closing 16 Stores In Major Cities Due To 'Increasing Threats' From Bathroom Drug Dens | ZeroHedge

  28. Fetterman rakes in $11 million in second fundraising quarter | The Hill

  29. California Cities Ban New Gas Stations, Even As Price Tops $6 Per Gallon | The Daily Wire

  30. Soros and Hollywood Take Aim at Gov. Brian Kemp By Bankrolling Stacey Abrams' Georgia Campaign - DC Enquirer

  31. Meta tells managers to 'exit' employees who are 'coasting' (

  32. Demand, costs in focus as U.S. airlines report earnings | Reuters

  33. ‘I only wanted’ an apology: Victoria Police apologises to Avi Yemini | Herald Sun

  34. Donald Trump Jr. delivers endorsement for Matthew Foldi in key House midterm race | Fox News

  35. Armed gunman wearing ankle monitor and on parole for robbery holds up store with semi-automatic - ABC News (

  36. Trump cancels North Carolina rally Friday, tentatively set to testify that day in NY on family biz | Just The News

  37. Wall Street tumbles at close as worries mount ahead of CPI report | Reuters

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