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TWS News Roundup 7/13/22

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

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  1. Jan. 6 provocateur Ray Epps intends to sue people who accused him of working for the authorities | Washington Examiner

  2. Panasonic to build EV battery plant for Tesla in Kansas -Nikkei | Reuters

  3. Inflation rose 9.1% in June, even more than expected, as consumer pressures intensify (

  4. Durham requests 30 subpoenas for testimony in trial against Steele source Igor Danchenko | Washington Examiner

  5. Amazon admits to handing Ring doorbell videos over to police without user permission | Just The News

  6. Elizabeth Warren Calls To ‘Shut Down’ Crisis Pregnancy Centers Amid Pro-Abortion Attacks | The Daily Caller

  7. Bolton goes on Newsmax to defend ‘coup’ comments | The Hill

  8. Wealthy elites in the Hamptons are exploiting illegal migrants - Rebel News

  9. LA Mask Mandate 'Imminent' Days After Governor Newsom Says 'We Still Believe in Freedom' - Florida’s Voice (

  10. Reps. Omar and Tlaib among Democrats tied to group with alleged links to Hamas slaying | Washington Examiner

  11. Minnesota man who claimed his camper was set on fire due to Trump flag staged attack, prosecutors say (

  12. House Republicans Gearing up for Investigations Into Biden Administration – RedState

  13. Vaxxed Dr. Fauci Acknowledges COVID Vaccines ‘Don’t Protect Overly Well’ Against Infection | The Daily Wire

  14. Bank of Canada surprises with 100bp rate hike to tame inflation | Reuters

  15. As Sri Lanka's President Flees To Paradise Island, Embattled PM Appoints Generals To Restore Law & Order | ZeroHedge

  16. Former Obama Doc Reveals Angry Email He Got From Obama After Raising Biden's Cognitive Issues – RedState

  17. Texas grid takes emergency actions to avoid blackouts amid heatwave | Reuters

  18. Uvalde Hallway Video Reignites Fury at Police as Families Condemn Release (

  19. Biden approval rating up 3 points from record low: poll | The Hill

  20. Florida sheriff says man will 'absolutely not' face charges for defending home with 'AK-47-style' gun | Fox News

  21. Ohio college racks up millions in interest on cash owed to bakery over false racism allegations | Fox News

  22. Sardinian farmers suffer worst locust invasion in over 30 years | Reuters

  23. Democrats Pushing College Loan Forgiveness Owe Massive Sums In Student Debt, Records Show | The Daily Caller

  24. NYC Council calls on Adams to restore funding school budgets (

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