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TWS News Roundup 7/21/22

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  1. DHS has launched criminal probe into destruction of Jan. 6 Secret Service text messages, sources say (

  2. VA Inspector General highlights agency failures over burn pit claims | Just The News

  3. More American workers are taking on second jobs as inflation rages - CBS News

  4. Ford to cut up to 8,000 jobs amid electric vehicle push: Bloomberg | The Hill

  5. Democrat Rep. Frank Mrvan's campaign spent thousands of dollars on flights for wife, seat upgrades | Fox News

  6. Illinois Governor’s Office Made Secret Payments To Former Campaign Aide After She Was Caught Stealing From Taxpayers, Lawsuit Says | The Daily Wire

  7. Senate Democrats roll out long-awaited bill to legalize marijuana | The Hill

  8. Republican Lawmakers File 'Unborn Child Support Act' (

  9. Former Coinbase Employee Charged After Netting $1.5 Million From Trading Ahead Of Crypto Listing Announcements | ZeroHedge

  10. GOP Aides, Staffers Fear Trump Will Upend Midterms By Announcing Too Early | The Daily Wire

  11. Roche diagnostics head to take helm of Swiss pharma giant | Reuters

  12. Defense Rests in Bannon Trial Without Calling a Single Witness (

  13. Gavin Newsom demands explanation from UCLA on Big Ten move | Fox News

  14. Model Predicts Eric Greitens Trounces Dem Opponent in MO Senate Race (

  15. House OKs bill to protect contraception from Supreme Court | AP News

  16. Louisiana abortion ban again blocked by judge | The Hill

  17. Rep. Rosendale to Newsmax: ATF Now Harassing Legal Gun Owners? |

  18. Amazon acquiring One Medical for nearly $4 billion | The Hill

  19. House Dems Endorse Sending Emergency Oil Reserves To China (

  20. Biden approval hits new low at 31%: poll | Just The News

  21. Former Clinton Advisor Says Hillary Is Preparing To Run Again In 2024 | ZeroHedge

  22. Prosecutors weighing charges against Hunter Biden: Report | Washington Examiner

  23. New York police investigator suspended after handcuffing Black EMT worker who bumped his car unloading a patient (

  24. Citi expects revenue from India corporate business to grow 10% a year | Reuters

  25. President Biden tests positive for Covid-19, has mild symptoms (

  26. Jobless claims rise to highest level since November | The Hill

  27. Comedy Is Dead: Theater Cancels Dave Chappelle Show Because It's a 'Safe Space' – RedState

  28. Trump slams rewrite of Electoral Count Act regulating vice president | Just The News

  29. House begins debate on firearms ban | One America News Network (

  30. Global manufacturers see chip shortage easing | Reuters

  31. Trucker protest shuts down operations at California port | AP News

  32. China 'trying to study' Russia's failures; CIA director 'wouldn't rule out' near-term Taiwan invasion | Fox News

  33. U.S. probes China's Huawei over equipment near missile silos | Reuters

  34. AOC Denies She Faked Being Handcuffed During Her Arrest |

  35. Military Believes Pelosi’s Reported Trip To Taiwan Is ‘Not A Good Idea,’ Biden Says | The Daily Caller

  36. CNN In Secret Talks To Poach Star Couple From MSNBC: Report | The Daily Wire

  37. Sweeping US heat brings potential record temperatures for big cities | Fox News

  38. Death toll from weekslong rains in Pakistan rises to 282 | The Hill

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