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TWS News Roundup 7/25/22

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  1. Woman opens fire at Dallas airport before police shoot, detain her | The Post Millennial

  2. Whitmer vetoes $20M in pro-life adoption funding; rips crisis pregnancy centers as 'fake health clinics' | Fox News

  3. Permanent daylight-saving time hits brick wall in House | The Hill

  4. Beijing plans strategy to avoid US market delistings: report | Fox Business

  5. Capitol Police Arrest House Staffers For Protesting Climate Change In Schumer’s Office | The Daily Wire

  6. Hulu not running Democrats’ ads on abortion, guns | The Hill

  7. Pence to push 'freedom agenda' ahead of Trump speech in DC (

  8. Bankrupt Voyager rebuffs Sam Bankman-Fried's "low-ball bid" | Reuters

  9. Newsom Signs California Gun Control Bill Modeled After Texas Abortion Law | The Daily Caller

  10. Elon Musk hit with new subpoena over 2018 tweet (

  11. Ferrer Gave Patronage Job to a Felon Convicted on Charges Related to Corruption and Drug Trafficking – RedState

  12. White House Does Preemptive Damage Control As Economy Heads Toward Recession | The Daily Wire

  13. Ex-US congressman among 9 charged in insider trading cases | The Hill

  14. Nearly one in three Americans say it may soon be necessary to take up arms against the government | The Hill

  15. Two of Putin's top pilots are wiped out in HIMARS missiles in Ukraine | Daily Mail Online

  16. Putin Turns The Screws: Gazprom Unexpectedly Halts Another Nord Stream Turbine Cutting Flows In Half; European Gas Prices Soar | ZeroHedge

  17. Hungarians 'do not want to become mixed race', PM Viktor Orban declares | Daily Mail Online

  18. 'I Hope It Doesn't Get to That': Cheney Confirms Who the J6 Committee May Subpoena Next (

  19. Debris From China Rocket To Crash Land On Earth, But No One Knows Exactly Where | The Daily Wire

  20. Alaska experiencing wildfires it's never seen before - ABC News (

  21. Bloodbath in London: Hornchurch stabbing and Wood Green and Walthamstow shootings | Daily Mail Online

  22. Feds Pay LGBT Magazine $77K To Advertise for Minnesota National Guard (

  23. The U.K. will host Eurovision 2023 after Ukraine ruled too risky amid Russia's war (

  24. China approves Genuine Biotech's HIV drug for COVID patients | Reuters

  25. NFL Enters Media Streaming With NFL+ |

  26. Swine and Sleaze: Democrat Conspired To Hike Pork Prices, Lawsuits Say (

  27. ‘I Knew These Vaccines Were Not Going To Protect Against Infection’: Dr. Birx Admits Vaccines Were ‘Overplayed’ | The Daily Caller

  28. Huawei cell tower equipment can hack U.S. nuclear arsenal communications, says FBI | ADN América (

  29. Fundraising by AOC's NY progressives sputters before primaries (

  30. Illegal Brazil gold tied to Italian refiner and Big Tech customers | Reuters

  31. SHRINKFLATION: Soaring Prices Lead To Smaller Burgers, Pizzas At Restaurants | The Daily Wire

  32. Global gasoline cracks collapse, blow to refiners' profits | Reuters

  33. 'Furious' French over Brexit are blamed for Channel holiday hell | Daily Mail Online

  34. Sen. Mark Kelly takes corporate-backed PAC cash despite condemning 'corporate PAC money': filings | Just The News

  35. White House cyber office taps Google exec (

  36. Toyota halts orders for Harrier SUV due to output delay | Reuters

  37. Russia says it wants to end Ukraine’s `unacceptable regime’ | The Hill

  38. Progressives eager to primary Manchin for sidelining Biden's agenda | Fox News

  39. AP-NORC poll: 2 in 3 in US favor term limits for justices | The Hill

  40. Number of NYC Employees Fired for Refusing COVID Vaccine Grows (

  41. Iran will keep IAEA cameras turned off until nuclear deal is restored | Reuters

  42. Taiwan holds annual drills amid concern over Nancy Pelosi visit (

  43. Elon Musk says he was partying with Google founder Sergey Brin YESTERDAY | Daily Mail Online

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