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TWS News Roundup 7/26/22

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  1. Fauci claims he never recommended lockdowns—in 2020 he said Trump should 'shut the country down' | The Post Millennial

  2. ‘The View’ picks new conservative co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin: report (

  3. Sen. Grassley alleges FBI intentionally downplayed negative information about Hunter Biden | The Post Millennial

  4. Pete Buttigieg ahead of Joe Biden in New Hampshire poll | Just The News

  5. These fiery red glow in clouds over the Atlantic Ocean has baffled the internet | Daily Mail Online

  6. Ted Cruz claims ‘narco slave trade’ at southern border: video (

  7. Polls in Missouri GOP Senate race show Schmitt, Greitens ahead with Trump voters | Just The News

  8. Chris Cuomo is seen arriving at NewsNation for interview with Dan Abrams | Daily Mail Online

  9. Eric Adams calls cop attack reason for NY bail reform fix (

  10. Texas adds greatest number of oil, natural gas jobs in recorded state history | Just The News

  11. Navy lieutenant sentenced in Japan causes outcry among family, US lawmakers (

  12. Uber need not provide wheelchair access everywhere, U.S. judge rules | Reuters

  13. Kate McCann collapses as Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak Tory leadership debate is taken OFF AIR | Daily Mail Online

  14. Brittney Griner at court appearance says she has ‘no complaints’ | The Hill

  15. Liberals to use Treasury Board to 'incentivize' Paris climate targets - Rebel News

  16. Child Playing Chess Has Finger Broken by Robot Opponent |

  17. Kentucky parents stand up to school mask mandates: ‘We just need normal’ | Fox News

  18. Nearly half of American adults are having trouble covering household expenses, Census poll shows | Just The News

  19. Judge asks for killer who stabbed a student to death to be hanged on LIVE TV in Egypt | Daily Mail Online

  20. Putin Halves German Gas Supply AGAIN as EU Economy Spirals (

  21. Thousands of US Cattle Buried, Dumped at Kansas Landfill After Deadly Heatwave: Documents |

  22. China And India Are Buying Less Russian Crude | ZeroHedge

  23. Biden admin to use infrastructure money to plant 1 billion trees to 'fight against climate change' | Just The News

  24. Biden slams Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over assault weapons debate (

  25. LA county official declares she will not support new mask mandate | The Post Millennial

  26. Biden Nominates Dem Activist Roopali Desai to Ninth Circuit | National Review

  27. 'WE HAVE A FATHERHOOD CRISIS': DeSantis Warns of 'Decline in Fatherhood' and Touts Programs to Solve it - Florida’s Voice (

  28. Taylor Lorenz Gets Embarrassed Again After Claims of Harassments are Shot Down by Witness – RedState

  29. DC mayor confirms visiting child has monkeypox | WTOP News

  30. Several GOP Members Urge Pelosi to Visit Taiwan, While Biden Tries to Convince Her Not to Go – RedState

  31. Amazon Prime price increase: Users threaten to cancel their subscriptions | Daily Mail Online

  32. Religious Freedom Win: Canada Scraps Charges Against Anti-Lockdown Pastor Artur Pawlowski (

  33. Domestic violence reports surge in Illinois | Illinois |

  34. Cruz endorses Trump-backed Cheney opponent Harriet Hageman in Wyoming congressional race | Fox News

  35. Meet the FBI Analyst Behind The Decade’s Biggest Political Disinformation Campaigns (

  36. Speculation Swirls After Jill Biden's Press Sec. Heads for Exits Two Weeks After 'Taco' Debacle – RedState

  37. Ex-Goldman banker, squash partner charged with insider trading (

  38. Texas school principal suspended after Uvalde shooting | Reuters

  39. Joe Biden mocked for tweet taking credit for falling gas prices (

  40. Canadian snack foods now made with CRICKETS as primary ingredient | The Post Millennial

  41. Trump to focus on 'central issue' of law and order, public safety in DC speech | Fox News

  42. St. Louis flash flooding submerges I-70, traps residents in homes after record-shattering rainfall | Fox News

  43. Fed not adequately prepared to thwart Chinese information gathering: report | Reuters

  44. New Home Sales & Prices Plunged In June As Pulte Admits Order Cancellations Are Soaring | ZeroHedge

  45. Schumer Strips Anti-China Security Provision From Major Semiconductor Bill (

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