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TWS News Roundup 7/4/24

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  1. Biden told concerned Democratic governors he needs more sleep, sources say - ABC News

  2. Israeli soldier killed by alleged Arab citizen in stabbing attack at shopping mall | Human Events |

  3. Fear of war between Israel and Hamas ally Hezbollah grows after Israeli strike kills commander in Lebanon - CBS News

  4. Google News Ranks AI-Generated Spam as Top Results Above Actual Stories (

  5. Rulings Return Supreme Court Control to Roberts |

  6. ABC moves up Biden interview to Friday (

  7. Gavin Newsom Launches Podcast with NFL Legend Marshawn Lynch (

  8. Biden tells Netanyahu: It's "time to close" Gaza hostage-ceasefire deal (

  9. Elon Musk says Bill Gates will be 'obliterated' for shorting Tesla stock (

  10. Biden Seeking Support Among Allies To Remain The Party’s Nominee: Report (

  11. Suspect in attempted assassination of Slovakia’s prime minister now faces terror charges (

  12. Mexican Immigration Agents Photographed Taking Bribe from Hungarian Woman Flagged by U.S. Authorities (

  13. Most Republicans ‘Extremely Proud’ To Be American Compared To Just 1/3 Of Dems, Independents: Poll (

  14. Massachusetts bill aims to remove gendered language from birth laws to ‘ensure legal parentage equality’ | The Post Millennial |

  15. Boil water advisories issued for DC and Arlington County (

  16. Major retailers are backtracking on self-checkout (

  17. Post-pandemic education: Many students behind in math, reading after COVID, study says (

  18. Washington removes residency requirement for voter registration | The Post Millennial |

  19. Joe Biden acknowledges debate mistakes, remains committed to re-election (

  20. Appeals court rules students can sue U.S. over fake university set up by ICE (

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