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TWS News Roundup 7/5/22

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  1. Anonymous Democrat calls Biden 'rudderless, aimless and hopeless' in new report | Daily Mail Online

  2. Boebert rebukes Swalwell for tweet linking her to Highland Park shooter | Washington Examiner

  3. Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid resign with savage attack on Boris Johnson's leadership | Daily Mail Online

  4. Twitter suspends conservative commentator Dave Rubin - Rebel News

  5. DA investigating fatal Boston-area shooting | Fox News

  6. Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin explores 2024 presidential election run (

  7. WNBA star Griner asks Biden to get her out of Russian jail | One America News Network (

  8. Costco limiting gasoline sales to members only in New Jersey (

  9. EU lawmakers pass landmark tech rules, but enforcement a worry | Reuters

  10. Philadelphia Mayor: Gun Violence Makes Me Look Forward to Leaving Office |

  11. Stephen Miller’s America First Legal looks to deal ‘significant blow’ to ‘woke cult’ in year ahead | Fox News

  12. NASA: Contact lost with spacecraft on way to test moon orbit | The Hill

  13. Highland Park Attack Occurred Despite Stringent Gun Controls (

  14. Andrew Schulz Refused To Edit His Latest Special To Please A Streaming Service | The Daily Caller

  15. FEC Ruling Could Help DeSantis Use Reelection Campaign Funds for Potential Presidential Run |

  16. Biden to allow some migrants with terrorist ties into country, raising security concerns | Just The News

  17. New York Effectively Nullifies Supreme Court Gun Decision (

  18. DC-area climate protesters shut down Maryland highway; 14 arrested | Fox News

  19. Richard Nephew Named as Coordinator on Global Anti-Corruption - United States Department of State

  20. America First Legal — Litigation Blitz: America First Legal Sues 11 Biden Admin Agencies for Records on Biden Appointees Advancing Radical, Woke Agenda (

  21. Italy declares state of emergency for drought-stricken north (

  22. Sydney floods burden 50,000 around Australia’s largest city | Fox News

  23. Iran adds demands in nuclear talks, enrichment 'alarming'-U.S. envoy | Reuters

  24. Federal judge rules in favor of drug distributors in West Virginia opioid case | The Hill

  25. Ukraine announces $750 billion 'recovery plan' as Russia hones in on Donetsk | Fox News

  26. CureVac files patent lawsuit in Germany against BioNTech over mRNA technology | Reuters

  27. Poll: Roe Decision Will Have 'Net Neutral' Impact on Midterm Voting (

  28. DeSantis Campaign Slams White House for 'lie' About Parental Rights in Education Law - Florida’s Voice (

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