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TWS News Roundup 8/18/22

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  1. Brian Stelter to depart CNN as it cancels 'Reliable Sources' media show : NPR

  2. DeSantis Announces 20 People Charged with Voter Fraud, Praises Florida's New Election Crimes Office - Florida’s Voice (

  3. CDC director admits response to COVID-19 'did not reliably meet expectations,' calls for reorganization | The Post Millennial

  4. FBI Arrests Former Democratic Congressman on Multiple Financial Fraud Charges - El American

  5. Ladapo Asks CDC to Look Into Myocarditis in Young Boys After COVID Vaccination - Florida’s Voice (

  6. Whitey Bulger murder: 3 charged with killing gangster in prison in 2018 (

  7. DeSantis launches 'Playbook' highlighting his 'Freedom Agenda' as part of re-election campaign | The Post Millennial

  8. China engaging in the ‘largest military buildup in history’: U.S. Indo-Pacific commander | Just The News

  9. Trump wanted Sidney Powell to probe 2020 election: court papers (

  10. Kentucky Supreme Court declines to block abortion ban | The Hill

  11. At least 21 dead after Kabul mosque explosion | Just The News

  12. Puerto Rico governor publicly criticizes private company over power outages (

  13. Joe Biden Called Liz Cheney After Her Loss |

  14. Vance leading Ryan by 3 points in Ohio Senate race: poll | The Hill

  15. Time Magazine Has an Interesting Take on Cheney's Massive Defeat (

  16. Progress made in closing Yuma border wall gaps using shipping containers | Fox News

  17. Ukraine, UN agreed parameters for IAEA mission to nuclear plant - Zelenskiy | Reuters

  18. McConnell says Republicans may not win Senate control, citing ‘candidate quality’ (

  19. Facebook suspends Libs of TikTok following hit pieces alleging the 'far-right' account started a campaign of harassment - Rebel News

  20. Russia Shows Off Robo-Dog With RPG At Military Convention | ZeroHedge

  21. Taiwan boasts of powerful anti-aircraft weaponry amid fears of Chinese invasion | Fox News

  22. WHO recommends Valneva's COVID vaccine | Reuters

  23. NY Dems, biz groups join primary fight against socialist state senators (

  24. Whitmer kidnap plot trial: Prosecution rests case (

  25. Elon Musk tells GOP to be more compassionate: report (

  26. Federal judge to consider unsealing probable cause affidavit in Mar-a-Lago raid | The Post Millennial

  27. Salman Rushdie attack suspect Hadi Matar pleads not guilty to attempted murder and assault | US News | Sky News

  28. Montana Election Officials Conspired To Kill Bill Banning Zuckbucks (

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