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TWS News Roundup 8/28/23

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  1. Trump says he'll APPEAL D.C. trial date being set for day before Super Tuesday: Ex-president claims judge hates him after lawyers claimed January 6 indictment is 'retaliation' for his attacks on Joe and Hunter Biden | Daily Mail Online

  2. UNC-Chapel Hill faculty member killed, suspect in custody after campus lockdown - ABC News (

  3. 5 Months After SVB's Collapse, SF Fed's Bank Supervisor 'Retires' | ZeroHedge

  4. Chicago Police Union Chief Calls Out Democrat 'Hypocrites' for Not Housing Migrants in their Homes (

  5. Zelensky tells Lindsay Graham Ukraine will hold elections if US, Europe foot the bill | Human Events |

  6. Migrant smugglers 'becoming desperate,' don body armor and shoot at border agents: officials (

  7. Trump's lead DROPS by six points after he skipped debate: New poll shows rivals including DeSantis have seen a bump in support - but he's still ahead by 38 percentage points | Daily Mail Online

  8. DeSantis campaign denies Trump claim that he might drop out of 2024 race (

  9. US, China to discuss export controls, officials say | The Hill

  10. Project Veritas CEO and board refuse to release findings of internal O'Keefe audit | The Post Millennial |

  11. J6 Defendants: Personal Stories of a Failed Judicial System - UncoverDC

  12. Alex Taclott, GOP lawyer fatally stabbed at NH home, was former New Yorker who wanted to be 'Willy Wonka' (

  13. Hawaiian Electric says power lines were shut off hours before wildfire | The Post Millennial |

  14. SEC brings its first NFT enforcement action (

  15. Tucker Carlson claims US HATES Russia because it's a 'Christian' country - as rumors swirl he has approached Putin AGAIN for an interview on X platform | Daily Mail Online

  16. ChatGPT maker OpenAI releasing ChatGPT Enterprise for large businesses (

  17. 8 Marines still hospitalized after deadly crash during exercises in Australia | The Hill

  18. Chipotle agrees to $300K settlement over child labor allegations in DC - ABC News (

  19. Trial of Highland Park shooter's father for signing gun application can continue, judge rules (

  20. Report: Navy SEAL Who Killed Terrorist Osama bin Laden Arrested (

  21. Venezuela Could Boost Oil Output If US Sanctions Are Eased | ZeroHedge

  22. Twinkies maker Hostess is reportedly for sale (

  23. Councillor Arrested for Sharing 'Hate Crime' Video of Christian Preacher (

  24. The National Zoo in Washington D.C. is returning its beloved pandas to China. Here's when and why. - CBS News

  25. Warner Bros. Discovery's David Zaslav wants Mark Thompson as new CNN boss: report (

  26. House Republican aims to defund Trump prosecutions until 2024 election | The Hill

  27. Nordstrom shutters flagship store in crime-riddled San Francisco (

  28. School districts in Kentucky, Texas cancel classes amid 'surge' of illnesses including COVID - ABC News (

  29. Trump Campaign Raises Over $20M in 3 Weeks. (

  30. 'Black Voices for Trump' Leader Harrison Floyd Only Trump Co-defendant Denied Bail in Georgia (

  31. Alabama wants to be the 1st state to execute a prisoner by making him breathe only nitrogen (

  32. Farage Calls for 'Mass Sackings' of Pro-Mass Migration Deep State (

  33. Russia deploys its best fighting unit to the front lines in desperate bid to halt Ukraine advance as counter-offensive achieves breakthrough | Daily Mail Online

  34. Women Speak Out Against YMCA 'Transgender' Bathroom Policies (

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