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TWS News Roundup 9/1/22

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  1. Biden admin held weekly censorship meetings with social media giants to suppress COVID and vaccine speech | The Post Millennial

  2. Prestigious NYC Private School Director Touts ‘Sneaking’ Her Political ‘Agenda’ into Classrooms: ‘Disrupt Wherever I Can’ … ‘I Felt Like a Double Agent’ … ‘Huge Contingent’ of White Boys ‘Are Just Horrible’ | Project Veritas

  3. US Naval Academy creates new woke 'Diversity Peer Educator' program | The Post Millennial

  4. Paul Pelosi dodged an extra 20% loss selling Nvidia stock in July before August US restrictions | Fox Business

  5. POSOBIEC: 911 Call of Assassination Attempt on Brett Kavanaugh Released (

  6. Jackson, Mississippi, water crisis: Emergency rental pump installed as governor warns of interruptions | Fox News

  7. Hunter Biden set up dinner for client at Chinese Embassy in DC after Joe's luncheon: emails (

  8. Indiana AG calls ESGs 'activist-driven agendas,' seeks to prevent use for investing state pensions | Fox News

  9. Committee Reaches Deal With Trump to Obtain Financial Records |

  10. Pat Cipollone to appear before Jan. 6 grand jury inquiry: Report | Washington Examiner

  11. House Republicans target Meta’s FBI contact over Hunter Biden | The Hill

  12. Russian Oil Oligarch Who Criticized Ukraine War 'Falls' Out Of Hospital Window To His Death | ZeroHedge

  13. Dr. Oz and old primary foe David McCormick to reunite | Washington Examiner

  14. John Lennon's killer Mark David Chapman up for parole (

  15. Babylon Bee's Seth Dillon Vows $20,000 Reward for Information Leading to False-Alarm Bomb Threat Arrest on Boston Children's Hospital - Florida’s Voice (

  16. Republicans decry ranked choice voting after special election loss in Alaska | Washington Examiner

  17. Democrats hold narrow leads in Nevada’s Senate, governor races: poll | The Hill

  18. Gov. Hochul declares 'theory' of ‘good guy with a gun’ stopping armed 'bad guys' is over | Fox News

  19. Education secretary: Dramatic drops in reading, math scores should be call to action | The Hill

  20. California fails to replace concealed weapon ruling - ABC News (

  21. Washington Democrat Rep. Kim Schrier has taken nearly $40k from groups that support efforts to defund police | Fox News

  22. Canada's Conservatives set to embrace populist to take on Trudeau | Reuters

  23. Mysterious pneumonia kills three people in Argentina | Daily Mail Online

  24. Activist Says Pandemic Pandemonium Helped Defeat Bill to Vaccinate Kids Without Parental Consent – RedState

  25. Report: New York City is the most dangerous “Sanctuary Community” in America | Just The News

  26. REVEALED: Scientific journals confirm ‘gender affirming’ hysterectomies are performed on American children | The Post Millennial

  27. British tourist is killed and another seriously hurt after scooter crashes into truck on Thai island | Daily Mail Online

  28. Japan Is Supercharging Its Military In Response To China Threat | The Daily Caller

  29. EU regulator clears tweaked versions of COVID vaccines | The Hill

  30. New UK prime minister to face staff walk out on first day in office, union says | Reuters

  31. DRIED UP: Texas cities in fear of running out of water | The Hill

  32. Newsom’s in-laws donated to DeSantis before California governor attacked him in campaign ad | Just The News

  33. Sarah Palin Loses Alaska House Election To Dem Challenger Mary Peltola | The Daily Caller

  34. Eight boosted mice: Critics pan FDA for preelection Omicron jab approval based on irrelevant data | Just The News

  35. German Foreign Minister Says Support For Ukraine Will Continue "No Matter What Voters Think" | ZeroHedge

  36. Top Democrat congressional aide caught defacing Rep Greene's posters leaving post Friday | Just The News

  37. Twitter will roll out long-awaited edit button to paid subscribers | Reuters

  38. Prisoners Got at Least $1.3B in COVID-19 Stimulus Checks: IRS |

  39. Texas Gov. Abbott sends buses of migrants to third Democratic-run city: Chicago | Washington Examiner

  40. Taiwan shoots down civilian drone over its island just off China's coastline | Fox News

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