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TWS News Roundup 9/21/22

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

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  1. Federal judge strikes down federal school mask and vaccine mandate - Liberty Justice Center

  2. Power Grab: California AG Bonta Seizes Control of Investigation Into LA County Corruption – RedState

  3. New York attorney general files fraud lawsuit against Trump, three eldest children | Just The News

  4. CDC: Omicron COVID Boosters for Kids to Be Available Mid-October |

  5. Fed sees jobless rate hitting 4.4 percent by 2023 | The Hill

  6. Record Number of New Yorkers Switch to Florida Drivers License: Report - Florida’s Voice (

  7. California congressman rolls out legislation to protect online dating users, curb fraud and deception | Fox News

  8. Trump responds to Putin’s warning that nuclear threat ‘not a bluff’ | The Hill

  9. As unrest grows, Iran restricts access to Instagram, WhatsApp | Reuters

  10. Mark Zuckerberg's Meta aims to cut costs by at least 10%: report (

  11. New Report Shows Vanderbilt Is Providing Transgender Surgeries to Minors Because It’s Profitable (

  12. DHS rejected proposal to protect election workers from harassment: Report | Washington Examiner

  13. Judicial Watch sues Secret Service for records on investigation of Hunter Biden's gun, which sources say was tossed in a Delaware trash can in 2018 - TheBlaze

  14. As deadline looms, some Swedish Match investors oppose Philip Morris deal | Reuters

  15. Ukraine asks Israel to share intel on Iranian support to Russian military (

  16. Teacher Calls Whiteness 'Poison,' Fosters 'Racially Stressful Encounters' (

  17. China's Xpeng says CATL is no longer its largest battery supplier | Reuters

  18. Vulnerable Iowa Democrat vacationed in Europe as she voted by proxy for Inflation Reduction Act, IRS expansion | Fox News

  19. Japan Tells U.N. Russia Poses ‘Serious Threat to Peace and Security’ (

  20. Steve Sisolak Is Backing a Massive Lithium Mine in Nevada. So Is a Chinese Company With Communist Leaders. (

  21. Trump Supporters Respond to Tim Ryan's Call to 'Kill and Confront' MAGA (

  22. Russians scrambling to book flights out of country after Putin troop announcement | The Hill

  23. Biden to Announce $2.9 Billion in Foreign Food Aid - El American

  24. NATO chief calls Putin's nuclear threat a 'dangerous' escalation | Reuters

  25. Sen. Kennedy says Biden's southern border policies undermine democracy | Washington Examiner

  26. GOP congressman introduces bill to license "assault weapons" – Bearing Arms

  27. Democratic nominee supports school choice in union-stronghold Pennsylvania | Just The News

  28. US Existing Home Sales Sink For 7th Straight Month | ZeroHedge

  29. Cowboys for Trump Co-founder Appeals Ban From Public Office |

  30. National Guard tries healthcare, educational, and financial recruitment incentives (

  31. Tudor Dixon demands Michigan superintendent resign over educational training videos | Just The News

  32. Biden administration's own migrant flights receive renewed scrutiny | Washington Examiner

  33. Sen. Josh Hawley To Introduce Legislation Putting Universities On The Hook For Student Debt | The Daily Caller

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