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TWS' StoryFire Review

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

StoryFire is an app that was created as an alternative to YouTube by known YouTuber Jesse Ridgeway (McJuggernuggets) and Brian Spitz. StoryFire was created as an app for people to create, write stories and upload videos. There is an in-app currency called Blaze. Blaze can be used to watch videos and read stories; you can earn Blaze in various ways. There will be a cash-out option available soon, says Jesse.

Now to the actual videos, they have a form for a person to fill out in order to apply to upload videos. In the form they make you tell them what type of videos you plan on making, how many videos will be in the series, and other such questions. The reason why they make you apply is since they are just starting the app and simply don’t want to take a chance with people uploading anything they want. When asked if they would allow political videos on, they’ve never answered.

The social feed is very simple to use as of now you can’t post videos. You can post something, relight a post, like a post, support a post, and reply to a post. Supporting a post means that you can donate the user some support blaze.

They have a pledge that if you reach one hundred thousand subscribers, they will hand-deliver your award.

The users have not complained about censorship in any sort of using the app.

Now to our review:

We at Team World Supporter are here to protect the first amendment, in that aspect they get a ten out of ten!

In respect to having to apply to be able to upload videos, if they want to take off and be able to market to everyone, that is a big deterrent.

In respect to Blaze, that’s an amazing idea and is a major upside. However, charging someone Blaze to view can also be a major deterrent.

All in all, Team World Supporter endorses StoryFire at a ten out of ten!

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Yossi S.

PS. you can find StoryFire at

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