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TWS' Truth Social Review

Truth Social was founded in October of 2022 by President Trump. He created it as a way to communicate with his followers without the censorship of Big Tech.

It first launched as a beta for the first couple of months, on February 21st the app launched to the public, however, users had to be on a waitlist as they were getting the platform ready for the masses. Finally, on April 23rd Truth Social moved to the Rumble cloud system and cleared the waitlist. They were plagued with many issues, to begin with.

Being that they had all these issues together with the slow roll-out I decided to wait to start the review.

The platform had some growing pains but then started to grow exponentially and surpass people's expectations. People were raving about the platform and giving them outstanding reviews, it was time for the TWS Review.

Being on the platform for a bit under a year, I can safely say that the engagement on the platform is really subpar.

When the platform was originally released it was exclusive to apple devices, those on android had to wait a while. Once it was released to the web, users were able to create their own web shortcut on android devices. When eventually they "released" it to the Samsung store, and it was "released" to Google play, on October 13th of 2022, however, it was again just a web shortcut, it is currently still a web shortcut as of the time this review is being published.

The moderation on the platform has a lot of work to do, articles are being sent to moderation with no email apologizing or explaining that it was a mistake. If this moderation system is just a glitch, which I really hope it is, they should make a statement or go on interviews addressing the situation.

All this being said, I can say that the review is: The platform is just beginning and will always have some growing to do. However, there are some things that are the basics. If a platform is opened to be a bastion of free speech, even a glitch of censorship is an issue. The lack of engagement is pretty serious as well. The way to combat any issues is to be as transparent as possible, which Truth Social fails to do so. All this being said I can give them a 6.7/10. I expect them to fix their issues and be amazing in the future and am willing to give them another review in the future.

For any questions or information, I can be reached at If you, the reader, have a platform that you would like us to review, we would love to do so.

Yossi Schmidt,

CEO, Founder

Team World Supporter

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