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TWS News Roundup 1/18/24

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  1. Hunter Biden to sit for House deposition on Feb. 28 | The Hill

  2. Biden Admin's $104 Million Energy Plan Will See Pentagon Covered in Solar Panels (

  3. REVEALED: Biden’s DHS paid over $700,000 to activist organizations to create ‘counter-propaganda’ | The Post Millennial |

  4. The police response to the Uvalde shooting was riddled with failures, a new DOJ report says | The Hill

  5. Kamala Harris compares Ferguson riots to Battle of Gettysburg in MLK Day speech | The Post Millennial |

  6. Anti-Israel org leader refuses to apologize for 'Nazi rhetoric' (

  7. Kanye West filmed 'rambling' 40-minute video apologizing for anti-Semitism... after controversial AI-generated Hebrew 'apology' | Daily Mail Online

  8. 177 GOP members of Congress sign brief in support of Trump in Colorado ballot case | The Post Millennial |

  9. Texas starts ARRESTING migrants as border feud between Lone Star State and Biden Administration escalates in Eagle Pass | Daily Mail Online

  10. Washington State judge blocks effort to remove Trump from ballot | The Post Millennial |

  11. Democrat Jamie Raskin accuses Republicans of 'driving' Hunter Biden to a drug 'relapse' as they question his close relationship with 'sugar brother' Kevin Morris | Daily Mail Online

  12. Alvin Bragg, pols urge NY state to eliminate 5-year cap for sex-trafficking survivors to come forward (

  13. US forces strike two Houthi anti-ship missiles in fifth round of bombings | The Hill

  14. US Army removes 2021 LGBTQ+ recruitment video 'The Calling' as recruitment falls short - Rebel News

  15. White House to meet with families of Americans taken hostage by Hamas - CBS News

  16. Senate passes stopgap bill to avoid a government shutdown in less than 48 hours: Speaker Johnson now must wrangle the chaotic House to approve the measure before massive snowstorm hits D.C. | Daily Mail Online

  17. Netanyahu Issues Veiled Rebuke to Blinken: Israel Will Achieve 'Complete Victory' (

  18. New England Fishermen Rally At SCOTUS To Save Their Industry From Environmental Bureaucrats | The Daily Wire

  19. Japan agrees to purchase 400 Tomahawk missiles as US envoy lauds defense buildup - ABC News (

  20. Kansas recognizes No Labels as political party | The Hill

  21. Google CEO warns of more layoffs in 2024 amid artificial intelligence push - CBS News

  22. Florida Dem rep proposes tearing down Statue of Liberty to protest ‘bigoted’ GOP border policy | The Post Millennial |

  23. Apple Watch sales are BACK ON as tech company quietly disables 'lifesaving' health feature to skirt around ban due to kick in at 5pm EST TODAY | Daily Mail Online

  24. DeSantis skips New Hampshire days before primary to focus on South Carolina | Just The News

  25. South Carolina House OKs ban on gender-affirming care for minors, Missouri panel sees similar bills | The Hill

  26. Canada's Bankers Blame Trudeau's Immigration for Bad Economy (

  27. Fetterman endorses Kim in NJ Senate primary | The Hill

  28. Amalija Knavs mourned at Palm Beach funeral (

  29. DeSantis distributes funding for semiconductor training (

  30. Journalist Uncovers "Shadowy Network" Of NGOs Facilitating US Border Invasion | ZeroHedge

  31. 'Russian' GPS Jamming Impacts Baltic, Military Intelligence Investigating (

  32. Spirit Airlines Explores Restructuring Options After Fed Judge Kills JetBlue Deal | ZeroHedge

  33. Squad member Jamaal Bowman on slave reparations - says he wants ALL 42 MILLION black Americans to get $333,000 and reveals 'creative ways' to pay them | Daily Mail Online

  34. Pakistan launches retaliatory strike on Iran, raising tensions | The Hill

  35. Ex-NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer eyes 2025 comeback bid challenging Eric Adams for mayor (

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