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TWS News Roundup 4/17/24

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  1. Senate kills Mayorkas impeachment trial, votes both articles 'unconstitutional' - ABC News (

  2. Iran stages huge parade of weapons and goose-stepping troops as it warns Israel will be met with a 'massive and harsh' response if it stages even the 'tiniest invasion' | Daily Mail Online

  3. NPR CEO Katherine Maher believes pursuit of truth is a ‘distraction’ that can get in the way of ‘getting things done’ | The Post Millennial |

  4. Biden administration reinstates sanctions on Venezuelan oil | The Hill

  5. Chuck Schumer brags to Senators about Mike Johnson giving Dems everything they wanted on Ukraine, foreign aid: report | The Post Millennial |

  6. Dems' 'Three Amigos' Press Biden to Allow Work Permits for Aliens - National File

  7. Putin Praises Iran's Missile Assault on Israel: 'Best Way to Punish Aggressor' (

  8. U.S. Navy flies aircraft through the Taiwan Strait a day after U.S.-China defense chiefs hold rare talks (

  9. Army financial counselor pleads guilty to defrauding Gold Star families of nearly $10M | The Hill

  10. Senior Hezbollah commander killed in Israeli airstrike (

  11. Bob Menendez Poised To Blame Wife in Bribery Case (

  12. Dubai flooding hobbles major airport's operations as "historic weather event" brings torrential rains to UAE - CBS News

  13. Canada is making cars with eye monitors and kill switches (

  14. Pepsi recalls one of its top-selling 'zero sugar' drinks... because they're full of sugar | Daily Mail Online

  15. Democrat Starts Hearing on Antisemitism on Campus by Citing Charlottesville Riot (

  16. Most student loan borrowers say they’ve delayed major life events due to debt: Gallup  | The Hill

  17. Tesla asks investors to approve Elon Musk's $56B pay after it was voided by court (

  18. Federal authorities launching child sex exploitation awareness campaign | The Hill

  19. Trump operation asks Republicans who use him for fundraising to share the haul (

  20. Republican congressman calls for ‘damage assessment’ after viewing classified docs Biden stashed in his basement (

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