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TWS News Roundup 10/17/23

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  1. Hundreds killed in Gaza hospital blast as Israel blames failed Hamas rocket (

  2. Senate Republican Introduces Legislation To Block Biden’s $6 Billion Payment To Iran | The Daily Caller

  3. Two top Hamas leaders killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza (

  4. White House calls Trump's Israel-Hamas war response 'revolting and dangerous' (

  5. Head of Israeli security agency Shin Bet takes responsibility for failure to thwart Hamas attack | Human Events |

  6. DeSantis sends first round of cargo to Israel: 'We are stepping up to help our allies.' (

  7. Egypt, Jordan ‘hold the key’ for Biden in calming Israel-Hamas turmoil | The Hill

  8. Ukraine Strikes Airfields, Claims to Have Destroyed Nine Helicopters (

  9. Prosecutors will refile manslaughter charges against Alec Baldwin for fatal Rust movie set shooting | The Post Millennial |

  10. Tester, Trump lead in new Montana poll | The Hill

  11. U.S. declares 21 endangered species extinct (

  12. Bank of America profits shoot up 10% to $7.8 BILLION - as higher interest rates bolster banks' earnings | Daily Mail Online

  13. Mexican official confirms cartel gunmen forced a dozen tanker trucks to dump gasoline at gunpoint - ABC News (

  14. Ford Motor's Bill Ford Defends American Manufacturing Against China; Tells Striking UAW: My Company Is Not Your Enemy (

  15. US Carmakers Slam Biden's Fuel Efficiency Plans | ZeroHedge

  16. King Abdullah II opposes allowing Palestinians into Jordan, Egypt (

  17. Alleged France School Attacker Pledged Allegiance to the Islamic State (

  18. Massachusetts governor Maura Healy says the state will NOT guarantee accommodation for migrants - as state nears immigration capacity | Daily Mail Online

  19. Report: HHS Imposes Gender Identity Pronoun Mandate on Employees (

  20. White House: Hamas hostage video is ‘propaganda’ over ‘proof of life’ | The Hill

  21. Patreon acquires livestream platform Moment (

  22. Ecuador Rejects Socialists, Elects 35-Year-Old Outsider Noboa as President (

  23. Rubio pushes to scrap visas and deport Hamas backers (

  24. Jewish BBC staff are 'shocked' by veteran journalist John Simpson's blog post explaining why the broadcaster won't refer to Hamas as 'terrorists' | Daily Mail Online

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