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TWS News Roundup 10/22/23

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  1. US has 'asked Israel to DELAY ground invasion of Gaza in bid to free more hostages from Hamas and to help aid enter the war-torn strip' | Daily Mail Online

  2. Former Hamas delegate lives in taxpayer funded council housing in London | Human Events |

  3. New elite Israeli unit to hunt down every Hamas terrorist involved in sneak slaughter (

  4. Biden CBP quietly reveals all-time worst border crossing numbers on Saturday morning as crisis worsens | The Post Millennial |

  5. Detroit police still have NO suspect or motive for murder of synagogue president Sarah Woll, 40, 27 hours after she was knifed to death at her home | Daily Mail Online

  6. Michigan State University 'deeply sorry' for Hitler image displayed on video boards before football game (

  7. Tim Scott's gamble on campaign spending in 2024 presidential election (

  8. Ex-German Chancellor Claims Biden Blocked Ukraine Peace Deal in 2022 (

  9. Cheney blames McCarthy for House Speaker havoc | The Hill

  10. Sweden’s Socialist Left Party donated money to pro-Palestinian group that aided Hamas attack on Israel | Human Events |

  11. Bahamas Photos Show Sam Bankman-Fried in FTX’s Final Months (

  12. Defense Secretary Issues Prepare-to-Deploy Orders for U.S. Troops (

  13. American Airlines posts $545 million loss in a time of big profits for rivals - ABC News (

  14. Sen. Marsha Blackburn seeks to halt US funding to Gaza (

  15. CVS Health to no longer sell decongestants with phenylephrine (

  16. Law enforcement 'very concerned' about 'lone wolf' threat against Jewish communities after Hamas attack: Mayorkas - ABC News (

  17. Record number of migrants seen at southern border last month | The Hill

  18. Ford CEO says EVs ‘have become a political football’ as Biden’s support with United Auto Workers slips in new survey | The Post Millennial |

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