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TWS News Roundup 10/27/22

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  1. Project Veritas whistleblower document reveals FBI investigating 'misinformation' ahead of midterms | The Post Millennial |

  2. Elon Musk Announces He Bought Twitter in $44 Billion Deal (

  3. Trump AGREES with Megyn Kelly that hardcore MAGA will ‘never cross Trump’ to vote for DeSantis (

  4. Ye back on Instagram: ‘I lost 2 billion dollars in one day’ | The Hill

  5. Biden chief of staff Klain gets warning for violating Hatch Act | Just The News

  6. Covid 'most likely' leaked from lab, explosive Senate says | Daily Mail Online

  7. 'Fact Checkers' Called It 'Misinformation.' But PayPal Sneaked $2,500 Fines on Users Back into Its Terms of Service. - Becker News

  8. Ballot paper shortage could cause problems on Election Day - ABC News (

  9. Latina GOP Rep. Mayra Flores says Congressional Hispanic Caucus rejected her membership request | Just The News

  10. Hungarian Foreign Minister Says Ukraine-Russia War Would Not Have Happened Under Trump | The Daily Caller

  11. Phoenix police arrest suspect following Hobbs campaign break-in: Report | Washington Examiner

  12. Venezuelans stranded in Panama by U.S. policy change return home (

  13. 'Panicking' Dems tell NBC they regret Fetterman agreeing to debate Oz: 'Folks are pretty much freaking out' | Fox News

  14. Georgia sheriff is found guilty of violating the rights of detainees by strapping them into restraint chairs (

  15. Putin calls Liz Truss 'CRAZY' and says she engaged in 'nuclear blackmail' with Russia | Daily Mail Online

  16. Putin's Alleged Goddaughter, Ksenia Sobchak, Flees Country |

  17. Justice Alito Warns Dobbs Leak Made Justices 'Targets for Assassination' (

  18. Former politician pleads not guilty to killing Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter | Washington Examiner

  19. Elon Musk: ‘Twitter obviously cannot become a free-for-all hellscape’ | The Hill

  20. PayPal’s Public Policy Director Is A Current World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. – Steve Bannon's War Room: Pandemic

  21. PayPal’s Public Policy Director Is A Current World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. – Steve Bannon's War Room: Pandemic

  22. Citi CEO Fraser will not attend Hong Kong summit due to COVID - source | Reuters

  23. Spotify CEO Says He Won't Ban Kanye West Music Despite Pressure Campaign (

  24. Report: School Superintendent Blasts Unqualified Applicants, Says It's Because They're White – RedState

  25. Biden takes shot at recession 'doomsayers' on heels of positive GDP report | Washington Examiner

  26. Israel and Lebanon finalize historic U.S.-mediated maritime deal (

  27. Trump Proven CORRECT As Supreme Court Rules Mail In Voting Due To COVID-19 Unconstitutional - DC Enquirer

  28. Trump to Rally With Rubio in Florida on Nov. 6 - Florida’s Voice (

  29. New York Post Twitter feed hacked with fake tweets of conservatives threatening liberals and racist comments | ADN América (

  30. Biden Admin 'Fuming' Saudis Reneged on Secret Deal |

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