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TWS News Roundup 10/30/23

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  1. Israel celebrates rescue of IDF soldier held captive in Gaza (

  2. Trial begins to remove Trump from the ballot in Colorado | The Post Millennial |

  3. Education Department penalizes student loan servicer MOHELA after billing issues (

  4. Police sent to Cornell Jewish center after threatening statements posted | The Hill

  5. Las Vegas man charged over antisemitic threats to Jewish senator (

  6. Top Marine Corps general hospitalized | The Hill

  7. Texas scores a win in border battle with Biden administration (

  8. 3-star general sent to advise Israeli military returns to US | The Hill

  9. Google CEO Sundar Pichai grilled over company's deleted chat logs at antitrust trial (

  10. White House bashes Putin for ‘crickets’ after crowd in Russia storms airport | The Hill

  11. Ex-cop who fired into Breonna Taylor’s apartment in fatal raid goes on trial again - ABC News

  12. Speaker Mike Johnson says Biden ‘very likely’ committed impeachable crimes | The Post Millennial |

  13. The paramilitary group taking the border into their OWN hands: Daily Mail joins ex-soldiers patrolling the wall and catching smugglers as migrant crossings continue to surge | Daily Mail Online

  14. Pro-surveillance EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson Dismisses Concerns About Lobbyists in Message Surveillance Bill (

  15. NYT tech workers walk out in protest of return-to-office policies (

  16. Federal Court upholds Trudeau's massive gun ban - Rebel News

  17. Keir Starmer SUSPENDS Labour MP for 'between the river and the sea' comments at pro-Palestinian rally - after Rishi Sunak piles pressure on by SACKING Tory parliamentary aide over Gaza 'ceasefire' call | Daily Mail Online

  18. Man charged in killing of Philadelphia journalist Josh Kruger charged in separate shooting - Axios Philadelphia

  19. FDA says WanaBana fruit puree pouches may contain... | Daily Mail Online

  20. Elon Musk's X will demonetize posts corrected by Community Notes (

  21. Harvard University president Claudine Gay launches anti-Semitism advisory board after Hamas' terror attack on Israel sparked wave of bigotry on campus | Daily Mail Online

  22. Kremlin Blames Ukraine for Jew Hunting Muslim Mob at Dagestan Airport (

  23. Senate Republicans stress Manchin is a ‘Biden Democrat’ | The Hill

  24. Report: Police Alerted in September that Alleged Maine Shooter Could 'Snap' (

  25. Biden administration outlines actions to address antisemitism on college campuses | The Hill

  26. Trump dominates in Iowa while Haley TIES with DeSantis: Ex-President extends 27-point lead over rivals while Nikki keeps surging and the Florida governor freezes | Daily Mail Online

  27. Pakistani senator shares photo of Hitler, saying 'the world' now knows 'why he did what he did' (

  28. Remains of young woman kidnapped at Gaza music festival, paraded through streets reported found | Just The News

  29. Authorities were warned about Maine mass shooter Robert Card weeks ago: report | The Post Millennial |

  30. UAW ends historic strike after reaching tentative deals with Big 3 automakers - CBS News

  31. Israel Advances Tanks to Gaza City, Blocks Major Road (

  32. What Biden's executive order on AI does and means - CBS News

  33. Ex-No10 chief Martin Reynolds makes grovelling apology over 'BYOB' bash that earnt his 'Party Marty' nickname as he gives evidence to Covid Inquiry | Daily Mail Online

  34. Oil prices could reach 'uncharted waters' if the Israel-Hamas war escalates, the World Bank says - Breitbart

  35. Israel's air force strikes Syria after rocket attacks (

  36. Man charged with threatening Fani Willis over Trump election case (

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