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TWS News Roundup 11/14/23

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

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  1. Almost 300k supporters descend on DC's National Mall for the March for Israel rally: Photos (

  2. Democrats help Johnson pass GOP bill to avoid government shutdown - ABC News

  3. Senate Rules panel votes along party lines to break Tuberville’s military holds | The Hill

  4. White House says Hamas and Islamic Jihad DID hide under hospitals in Gaza, backing up Israeli claims | Daily Mail Online

  5. George Santos' colleagues sharpen knives for House Ethics report (

  6. 100 State Dept Officials Sign Dissent Memo Saying Biden "Complicit In Genocide" In Gaza | ZeroHedge

  7. Buck: Kevin McCarthy and lying are like peanut butter and jelly | The Hill

  8. USS Marinette's executive officer Commander Jonathan Volkle dies by suicide while combat ship is moored in Ohio | Daily Mail Online

  9. At Least 4 More Attacks On US Forces Since Latest US Airstrikes In Syria | ZeroHedge

  10. Judge denies Greene’s request that NY man pay for security fence after threatening her | The Hill

  11. REPORT: Police Arrest Man on Suspicion of Manslaughter in Hockey Player Adam Johnson's Death (

  12. Gaetz makes ethics complaint against McCarthy over Burchett elbowing accusation | The Hill

  13. Chuck Schumer praises Mike Johnson's CR that omits MAGA 'hard right cuts' to keep the government open | The Post Millennial |

  14. Even Biden's STAFF think he is too old to campaign and govern effectively: President's inner circle cast even MORE doubt on 80-year-old's 2024 run as they try and 'block him from the press,' report claims | Daily Mail Online

  15. House Republicans issue criminal referral for Michael Cohen (

  16. Illegal border crossings into US drop in October after a 3-month streak of increases - ABC News (

  17. Texas cancer survivor Vicki Baker whose home was destroyed by SWAT team using explosives, toxic gas and armored vehicles in pursuit of armed fugitive has her $60k compensation claim REJECTED | Daily Mail Online

  18. Biden 'just getting started' on climate action in response to major new report - ABC News (

  19. Biden flies to San Francisco for his crunch talks with Xi Jinping to try to 'change the relationship' with China as he puts political troubles behind him with government funding set to run out on FRIDAY | Daily Mail Online

  20. Greene blasts GOP colleagues’ ‘pathetic’ excuses to table Mayorkas impeachment | The Hill

  21. Two children are finally RELEASED after being held hostage in barricade situation in Florida: SWAT team spent more than 16 hours trying to secure their freedom | Daily Mail Online

  22. Father in Oregon was left fighting for his life in hospital after Ozempic caused stomach paralysis - as data show 51 US deaths are linked to drug | Daily Mail Online

  23. JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon has held private talks with Nikki Haley because he thinks she is the only candidate that can save the economy | Daily Mail Online

  24. Trump hits New York AG for ‘smirking all day long’ amid fraud trial | The Hill

  25. Christie campaign says it reached 4th GOP debate's donor requirement (

  26. Rep. Dan Goldman introduces bill to curb trafficking of guns from the U.S. into Mexico - CBS News

  27. Feds keep hidden books on vaccine injury reports, barely follow up: investigation | Just The News

  28. VC founder ousted for saying Israel should 'handle Gaza' with 'education camps, sterilizations' (

  29. Massive fire that shut down LA interstate was likely caused by arson | Daily Mail Online

  30. Fed will cut interest rates deeply this spring, new estimate says | The Hill

  31. Inflation eased in October as cheaper gas offset overall price increases - CBS News

  32. Austin SWAT cop is killed while trying to rescue hostages (

  33. Nearly two dozen toddlers sickened by lead linked to tainted applesauce pouches, CDC says | Daily Mail Online

  34. EXPOSED: Meta’s $36 Billion Plot to Reengineer Society and Mark Zuckerberg’s Dangerous Future Plans for Tech Addiction (

  35. Pharma giant Pfizer to axe 500 jobs at Kent site | Business News | Sky News

  36. Trump plans mass detention of undocumented immigrants if elected president - Rebel News

  37. Netanyahu gives U.S. dire warning: If Israel doesn't win, 'you're next' | Just The News

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