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TWS News Roundup 11/16/22

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  1. Trump announces 3rd bid for White House - ABC News (

  2. New York Fed plots test of centrally controlled digital dollar (

  3. Republican prosecutor wins Maricopa County race with tough-on-crime message | Washington Examiner

  4. Jamaica declares state of emergency over surging crime, including tourist hot spot Montego Bay (

  5. Pennsylvania Lawmakers Vote To Impeach Philly’s Soros Prosecutor (

  6. Judge grants five-week delay before ending Title 42 (

  7. Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro Charges His Own Former Campaign Consultant with ‘Wide Scale’ Voter Fraud (

  8. $2 million Rimac Nevera claims top speed record for electric cars at 256 mph | Fox News

  9. DoD fails audit, sees Ukraine as ‘teachable moment’ in accountability (

  10. E-cigarettes, marijuana can impact the heart like traditional cigarettes, new study finds | The Hill

  11. DC Council Lowers Sentences for Gun Crimes as Homicides Surge (

  12. Senate votes to advance same-sex marriage bill | The Hill

  13. New York made $11B in improper unemployment payments during Covid-19 pandemic, audit finds - POLITICO

  14. McConnell wins Senate leadership election, overcomes Scott challenge | Fox News

  15. Yale Law School won't participate in 'flawed' US News & World Report rankings | Washington Examiner

  16. Rishi Sunak opens door for 3,000 more Indian graduates to work in UK | Daily Mail Online

  17. Mike Garcia Beats Christy Smith for the Third Time in the CA-27 Race – RedState

  18. Chuck Schumer cites 'worker shortage' when calling for amnesty for all 11 million illegal immigrants in US | The Post Millennial |

  19. Mercedes cuts some China electric car prices, shaking shares | Reuters

  20. Trump 2024? 60% of Voters Say ‘No’ - Rasmussen Reports®

  21. Battle over the iPhone app store spills into appeals court (

  22. Poland installs barbed wire along Russian border after stray 'Ukrainian missile' killed two people | Daily Mail Online

  23. Qatar authorities apologise for threatening Danish film crew at World Cup | Reuters

  24. Hot Mic Catches China’s Xi Berating Justin Trudeau Over Leaks At G20 | The Daily Wire

  25. Stopping the Steal: 500,000 Mexicans Protest Eliminating Voter ID and Election Safeguards (

  26. CUPE issues strike notice — again - Rebel News

  27. NATO allies wake up to Russian supremacy in the Arctic | Reuters

  28. Media holds breath amid chaotic changes to Twitter verification | The Hill

  29. Arizona Voters Give Illegal Migrants Cheaper College Tuition | The Daily Caller

  30. FTX's Bankman-Fried, Tom Brady and other celebrity promoters sued by crypto investors | Reuters

  31. House committee announces hearing into FTX collapse featuring Bankman-Fried | The Hill

  32. Elon Musk tells Twitter staff to work long hours or leave - BBC News

  33. NASA's most powerful rocket launches toward the moon | Just The News

  34. Biden demands $10 BILLION more in Covid funds after extending 'health emergency' to April | The Post Millennial |

  35. As school mask mandates return, critics claim pro-mask study plagued by methodological problems | Just The News

  36. Global Oil Inventories Hit Lowest Level Since 2004 | ZeroHedge

  37. Possible recounts loom in Arizona as machine issues marred Election Day | Just The News

  38. McConnell Vows to 'Stay Out' of 'Highly Contested' 2024 GOP Primary (

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