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TWS News Roundup 11/20/23

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  1. Javier Milei elected next president of Argentina | Human Events |

  2. Rosalynn Carter's funeral service to be held next week in Georgia - ABC News (

  3. Lloyd Austin visits Ukraine as US sends $100M more in dwindling aid (

  4. House Dem Calls For Trump To Be ‘Eliminated’ — After Condemning ‘Dangerous’ Rhetoric | The Daily Wire

  5. Sam Altman claims harmony at OpenAI as investors, employees revolt over his firing (

  6. Cruz: Tuberville’s military holds ‘will get resolved’ soon | The Hill

  7. Yemen's Houthi rebels seize cargo ship they claim is Israel's in Red Sea | World News | Sky News

  8. Trump beats Biden among YOUNG voters in new NBC poll - just three years after Dem president held 26 point lead over MAGA rival ahead of the 2020 election | Daily Mail Online

  9. Vile antisemitic messages praising Hitler found on NYC train (

  10. Senate Republicans look to split Democrats in Arizona Senate race in new ad | The Hill

  11. Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt resigns from GM-owned robotaxi unit (

  12. Greene calls for new Jan. 6 select committee | The Hill

  13. Israel arrests NBC journalist for glorifying Hamas attacks (

  14. UK Govt Compiled 'Secret Files' on Social Media Activity of Critics (

  15. Trump tells Iowa voters he's 'not into golden showers' (

  16. Ukraine sacks top cyber defense officials amid graft probe (

  17. Wells Fargo employees at two bank branches seek to form union (

  18. Cardi B slams Eric Adams for brutal cuts to NYPD, says crimes will 'go through the roof' | The Post Millennial |

  19. Lachlan Murdoch, Fox reporter Benjamin Hall meet with Zelensky in Ukraine | The Hill

  20. Biden marks 81st birthday as most say he’s too old for office (

  21. Speaker Johnson announces new joint fundraising committee | The Hill

  22. Bayer to pay $1.56B in latest loss over cancer-causing Roundup weedkiller (

  23. Supreme Court declines to review Derek Chauvin’s conviction in George Floyd’s murder | The Hill

  24. Arizona State University cancels event with Rashida Tlaib (

  25. Sen. Mike Lee calls for an investigation of Jan. 6 panel following release of the footage | Just The News

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