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TWS News Roundup 11/7/23

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  1. David Weiss confirmed denial of special status in Hunter Biden case: Jim Jordan (

  2. House Drops Bombshell Report Revealing Much Deeper Fed Collusion With 'Free Speech Police' Than Previously Known | ZeroHedge

  3. Political advertisers banned from using Meta’s generative AI tools | The Hill

  4. Trantifa militant dances into Atlanta court to face RICO charges over 'Stop Cop City' violence | The Post Millennial |

  5. Nashville mayor orders investigation after leak of school shooter’s writing | The Hill

  6. Judge orders WeWork to cough up records on broken lease at NYC skycraper (

  7. TikTok is ending its Creator Fund, which paid users for making content - CBS News

  8. Capitol Police Arrest Man With Rifle Near US Senate - Breaking911

  9. Senate votes to confirm new NIH leader | The Hill

  10. ‘Disgusted’ — MTG Sounds Off On House Republicans For Not Censuring Rashida Tlaib | The Daily Caller

  11. Schools that don’t fight antisemitism, Islamophobia could lose funding, Education secretary warns | The Hill

  12. German Chancellor and Governors Agree to Migration Curbs (

  13. Fallout: GM Halts Production Of Cruise Driverless Vans | ZeroHedge

  14. Lawmakers introduce the first bill to renew FISA Section 702 before year-end expiration (

  15. Russia Withdraws From Arms Treaty. NATO Responds By Also Withdrawing. | The Daily Wire

  16. Senate Republicans demand border security as condition for Ukraine aid | Just The News

  17. Netanyahu: Israel will take ‘overall security responsibility’ in Gaza after war | The Hill

  18. HATE CRIME FAIL: Woman arrested for smashing her car into Indianapolis building she thought was ‘Jewish school’—it was hate group HQ | The Post Millennial |

  19. Trump holds 39-point lead over DeSantis in Florida poll | The Hill

  20. IBM debuts $500 million enterprise AI venture fund (

  21. Coinbase adds former defense secretary, congresswoman amid crypto scrutiny | The Hill

  22. Elderly Jewish man assaulted and killed by pro-Palestinian protester in Los Angeles | The Post Millennial |

  23. Leftist Australian PM Albanese Gushes over Meeting with China's Xi (

  24. Portugal's Prime Minister Antonio Costa resigns after his chief of staff is arrested amid corruption probe | Daily Mail Online

  25. Feds confirm $150 million loss from 'unfulfilled' COVID jab deal with Medicago - Rebel News

  26. Rishi Sunak draws pre-election battle lines as he attacks Labour after laying out his agenda in the King's Speech | Daily Mail Online

  27. FBI investigates after fifth suspicious letter containing white powder found at Seattle synagogue | The Post Millennial |

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