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TWS News Roundup 11/1/23

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  1. Hamas official will repeat Israel attacks 'again and again' until it's destroyed (

  2. Cornell's Patrick Dai in NY court after Jewish threats (

  3. Joe Biden got $40K from bro James in 'laundered' China funds: Comer (

  4. Facebook, Instagram claims to 'protect' users by limiting posts on Middle East conflict | The Post Millennial |

  5. Ivanka Trump appeals ruling requiring her to testify in father's fraud trial (

  6. Pentagon UFO office launches digital form to collect info on government UAP programs, activities - CBS News

  7. House to vote Wednesday on whether to expel George Santos from Congress (

  8. Former officer to change plea to federal charges in Tyre Nichols' death: Attorney - ABC News (

  9. DC to give some residents free digital tracking tags amid rash of car thefts | The Hill

  10. House Republicans Ken Buck and Kay Granger say they won’t seek re-election (

  11. Mayors of 5 big cities press Biden for meeting on migrants | The Hill

  12. GOP Texas Reps Demand Biden Admin Explain Reason For Only Restarting Border Wall Construction In Small Area | The Daily Caller

  13. Prosecution of Former Danish Defence Minister and Spy Boss Collapses (

  14. Biden DHS pulls agents off child trafficking to focus on making food for illegal immigrants: whistleblower | The Post Millennial |

  15. NYU Langone suspends two doctors over controversial Israel posts (

  16. Elon Musk Exposes How Soros 'Hijacked' US Cities Without Changing Any Laws | ZeroHedge

  17. Critics renew calls for a TikTok ban, claiming anti-Israel bias amid tensions between Israel and Palestine (

  18. BLM activist gets 2.5 years jail after she spent £30K+ donor money on personal lifestyle | Human Events |

  19. RFK Jr. is getting more donations from Republican than Democrats - but mixed polling STILL raises questions of whether he will hurt Trump of Biden more in a 2024 rematch | Daily Mail Online

  20. Trump Org’s false financial statements cost banks $168M in interest: NY AG financial expert | The Hill

  21. Marine Corps Central Command cancels 248th ball due to 'unforeseen operational commitments' | The Post Millennial |

  22. Americans among those departing Gaza, White House confirms | The Hill

  23. Phasing Out Coal Might be a Mistake After All, Says Germany (

  24. Schumer, Tuberville duel over stalled military nominees | The Hill

  25. History Repeats: Paris Homes Tagged with Stars of David (

  26. Trump sues over efforts to keep him off Michigan ballot | The Hill

  27. Tesla Wins Court Battles In U.S., China, Over Alleged Autopilot Fatalities | ZeroHedge

  28. Ex-Delta co-pilot indicted for threatening to shoot captain mid-flight (

  29. Biden taps top aide on Asia affairs to serve as deputy secretary of State | The Hill

  30. US Sends 300 More Troops To Middle East, Raising Total To 1,200 | ZeroHedge

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