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TWS News Roundup 12/20/23

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  1. Biden backs Colorado Supreme Court claims that Trump 'supported an insurrection' | The Post Millennial |

  2. Dem Biden Challenger Disagrees With Ruling That Kicked Trump Off Colorado Ballot | The Daily Wire

  3. US, Venezuela swap 10 American prisoners in exchange for close Maduro ally (

  4. Senate pulls compensation provision that would help Trinity Test victims (

  5. Trump asks Supreme Court to delay consideration of Jan. 6 immunity arguments | The Hill

  6. Washington State proposes bill threatening jail time, $10,000 fine for using gas-powered leaf blowers in attempt to combat climate change | The Post Millennial |

  7. Ledger Crypto Wallet To Reimburse Users After Hack | ZeroHedge

  8. Ex-employees blast Instagram chief Adam Mosseri's 'mixed record' on youth safety: report (

  9. President of El Salvador BLASTS undemocratic Colorado Supreme Court decision to block Trump from ballot | Human Events |

  10. Delta, American Airlines fly illegal immigrants from Biden's Arizona processing centers into domestic US on late night flights | The Post Millennial |

  11. Xi told Biden he plans to take Taiwan — peacefully if possible (

  12. WPVI news helicopter crashes in New Jersey, 2 killed - ABC News (

  13. Part of Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane found in South Australian waters, fisherman claims (

  14. Colorado teenager charged with attempting to join ISIS - ABC News (

  15. Trump doubles down on 'poisoning the blood' comment (

  16. Rite Aid banned from use of facial recognition in stores after thousands of false matches - ABC News (

  17. Biden weighs up direct military strikes against Houthi sites in Yemen to avoid the $2million cost per shot of bringing down the rebel group's attack drones in bid to protect trade routes through the Red Sea | Daily Mail Online

  18. EPA to disperse $600M in anti-pollution grants through regional organizations | The Hill

  19. US flies a bomber for joint drills with South Korea, Japan - ABC News (

  20. Starbucks CEO rips 'misrepresentation' of Israel-Hamas stance (

  21. Police lieutenant stole cocaine and fentanyl from evidence room, New Jersey attorney general says - CBS News

  22. White House accuses Texas of 'demonizing' migrants and putting their lives at risk with Greg Abbott's new law allowing cops to detain and deport border crossers | Daily Mail Online

  23. Fighting reaches Sudan’s Wad Madani, once considered a safe haven for displaced - ABC News (

  24. Biden to visit Milwaukee to tout ‘Black small business boom’ | The Hill

  25. Fetterman: TikTok Is Giving Younger Voters 'Warped' View on Israel-Hamas War (

  26. Trump voter challenge in North Carolina dismissed | The Hill

  27. Lawsuit Filed Against Wisconsin State Bar Over ‘Discriminatory’ Diversity Internship | The Daily Wire

  28. Fed officials question stock market surge after rate cut projections | The Hill

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