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TWS' Review of Rumble: A Platform with Potential and Ambiguity in Content Moderation

Rumble, often positioned as a YouTube alternative emphasizing "Free Speech," has recently introduced a "hate speech" clause to their policies. However, it's crucial to highlight that this clause lacks clear definition and boundaries, leaving users and content creators in the dark about what exactly it entails. Rumble should explicitly specify the scope and parameters of what constitutes "hate speech" to ensure transparency and fair content moderation practices. This ambiguity is a point of concern and affects their overall rating.

Now, let's delve into an overview of Rumble's key features:

To upload videos on Rumble, users must verify their accounts by providing a phone number and entering a verification code. When uploading a video, users can choose from four options:

1. Exclusive Video Management License: Rumble handles video distribution and uploads it to various platforms like YouTube, MSN, and third-party affiliates.

2. Video Management (Excluding YouTube): Similar to option one but excludes YouTube.

3. Rumble Player License: The video remains exclusive to, but creators have licensing flexibility to promote it on other platforms.

4. Personal Use: Rumble can play the user's video on its platform, but there's no monetization or promotion.

Additionally, Rumble offers an auto-syndication feature, allowing users to link their accounts from Daily Motion, Vimeo, Pinterest, Facebook, and/or YouTube. Rumble will then automatically upload videos to those accounts. An interesting perk is that when a channel reaches 100,000 followers, users receive a custom beam, which adds value to the platform and encourages content creators to grow their audiences.

However, a noteworthy observation during this review was Rumble's lack of responsiveness when examining their Terms of Service. Unlike a previous experience where they provided answers and clarification, this time, there was a noticeable absence of communication.

The monetization of videos on Rumble typically takes a couple of minutes but can experience delays for older accounts with reduced activity. A green checkmark beside a channel is now a widely available feature signaling high-profile users' eligibility for cross-platform monetization under licensing agreements. Although extended wait times remain an occasional consequence of platform popularity, Rumble acknowledges the need to optimize its monetization process and has undertaken efforts towards improvement.

To categorize videos correctly, users should use appropriate tags, enhancing discoverability and relevance.

Upon uploading "The Yossi Schmidt Show" to Rumble, the platform proved to be user-friendly. It took a couple of weeks to get the hang of, but there were no significant deterrents encountered before or during the review. Therefore, we can recommend the platform with a rating of 8.7/10, taking into account its user-friendliness, potential, and the added value of custom beams for users with 100,000 followers.

Rumble has recently introduced playlists and a watch later feature, enhancing user experience. These features allow for better video organization and saving videos for later viewing. Currently, these features are available on desktop but not on mobile apps. Despite this limitation, the implementation on desktop has been smooth, and users can enjoy a seamless experience. The addition of playlists and watch later functionality demonstrates Rumble's commitment to enhancing its platform and meeting user demands.

However, it's crucial to underscore the need for Rumble to define its "hate speech" clause clearly. The lack of transparency in this regard can be a drawback for users who require explicit content guidelines. Rumble should address this issue promptly to improve its rating and foster user trust.

In conclusion, Rumble offers an intriguing alternative for content creators, especially those seeking a platform emphasizing free speech. Nevertheless, the ambiguity surrounding its content policies requires immediate attention. Clarity and transparency in content guidelines are pivotal to ensuring a positive and trustful user experience. For any questions or information, you can contact If you have a platform you'd like us to review, please reach out.

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